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Venroe symbiont

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'''Venroe''' is a [[Trill]] symbiont currently joined with [[Kinan Venroe|Ariealt Kinan]]. It is a young symbiont, just {{age|2364|01|01}} years old. Those familiar with the symbiont often refer to it as "cursed" or "a Starfleet brat" due to its penchant for short-lived hosts and careers in [[Starfleet]]. Venroe's hosts are often influenced to strike out against the Symbiosis Commission and disapprove of the current methods of joining.
The Symbiosis Commission approved the joining of Venroe and Etan Ocal in 2368. Venroe influenced Etan in a peculiar way, enforcing a kind of rebellious streak not previously present in his personality. In 2374, he further defies the Symbiosis Commission and joins Starfleet (claiming to be Venroe's "idea"). This choice prompts outrage within the Symbiosis Commission. He is frequently contacted by officials, determined to inform him of his reckless nature. Rumours the Commission demanded an "emergency host" placed aboard Etan's posting in 2381 circled frequently but were never confirmed. However, Etan asks to choose Venroe's next host, claiming them to be "in case of emergency", on his own terms.

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