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Quentin Collins

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|BIRTHPLACE = Collinsport, Maine, Earth
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|AUTHOR = E239512QC0
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|Sheathed Sword|1
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'''Mission #5: The Skin I'm In'''
Inbound to a trade summit with the fastidious race of the Gentii II planetoid, Quentin Collins and his crew suffered a sort of...shuffling. Meaning they were all swapped across each other's bodies and minds. What started as a routine mission quickly became anything but and served as another major turning point for LTCMMD. Collins. After an uneventful briefing and call to assignments, both Commander Collins and Captain Shayne were approached by Ensign Alvarez, suggesting they should form an action group to properly cover the Gentii's cultural requirements for a successful contact with an outsider race. With some discussion and blessing the Ensign started to work and rounded Quentin back into the process as the ship came to an all-stop above Gentii II. But as the crew awaited the delegation, standing at attention on the Bridge, something odd happened. Namely a smallish probe, seemingly made of a hazy green marblelike stone, which started to scan and map their brain patterns and chemistry. Which it then used to shuffle them across the whole of the crew. With the mind-swap confined mostly to proximity, Quentin found himself crossed with the nearby Maria Alvarez as he was using the back utility terminal nearest the OPS station on the Bridge. And he was instantly jarred into physical discomfort and unquiet memories he couldn't quite understand or parse through. The crew overall was feeling largely the same, having entirely been shuffled alongside Quentin and Maria. But a bigger problem loomed; The Gentii. Who were already calling them to the letter of protocol and feeling pressure due to their stalling immediately post-mind-swap. Maria and Quentin quickly formed a not-so-dynamic duo. Quentin, concerned as to Maria's reaction and internalization of his unquiet mind and awkward body, resolved himself to not let the new Maria out of his sight. On the other side, Maria opted to help Quentin through his more jumpy transitions into the trained dancer's body and helped him to understand the new font of experiences he was feeling by memory convection. All while trying to lead a cultural exchange known as a "baihriri". Supported by Maz Rodan (trapped in another crewman's body), the trio tried to gather up enough of a performance to help the ship. But came up very short in the "rehearsal" process. As they struggled and thought, the Gentii delegation, Captain Shayne, and Chloe Waters (both having switched bodies themselves) drew closer, poking and prodding at the crew's efforts to "sell" their new forms the whole way down. Finally, the moment came, and Quentin, emboldened by his new body, offered up the only thing he could. A warbling rendition of an ancient song he would hear sailors back home drunkenly sing into the night. Though it seemed to placate the Gentii for the moment, and were supported quietly behind the scenes by the rest of their swapped crew, the pair tried to recover for a moment in the corridor. Where another in road to a follow-up performance presented itself. Dr. Cassie Mason, armed with a pair of control collars the Captain had commissioned earlier, suggested a way they could "share" motor skills. Meaning the training of Alvarez's mind (now in Quentin's body) would be able to transmit control requests to Quentin's mind (piloting Maria's body), putting them in sync under the guise of dance. But the pair never got a chance to use it fully, as the Bridge had found the probe again and it was transmitting again. As the officers crossed back into the Gym, a massive psionic ripple threw their minds outside of their forms once again. Allowing both Maria and Quentin to share a mental space in which their fears and memories were mixing into a nightmarish gauntlet. One that pushed both Maria and Quentin to the edge of their own sanity. Pushing Quentin perilously close to his own limits, causing him to admit that he had perhaps not dealt with the lingering darkness in his heart, mind, and soul.  But in the waking world, his capable peers had found a way to return them to their bodies. Causing him to be scooped up by the Medical staff after the swap had been undone. But Quentin's darkness was still there, causing him to launch into a panic upon waking, thinking that Mister Alvarez was still trapped in his mind and under pursuit by some of his bleakest memories and thoughts. His panic was so much, he had to be restrained and later sedated by Medical staff. Where he slept for nearly an entire week, dreamless. Now, Quentin is awake and having to face the consequences of his actions, which have garnered the attention of Command and will likely have a shifting outcome for Quentin's future in Starfleet. It is of the opinion(s) of this program(s) that LTCMMD. Collins continues to try his best in any given scenario, taking into account the safety and well-being of his peers above all, no matter the circumstances. However, it is that same selflessness that has caused him to push himself past his established physical and mental parameters, putting into jeopardy both his future in Command and likely his very life. Correction is required should he wish a future existence. Both in Starfleet and living in general.
Further Analysis Requires Further Input.
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{{Citation|Pathfinder Award|239706.19|[[USS Juneau]]|"From almost the moment he hit the ground Collins has gone out of his way to be helpful, answering questions in a thoughtful and concise manner, and to show his players how to play the game in a way that is fun and interesting."}}
{{Citation|Silver Palm|239706.19|[[USS Juneau]]|"Awarded to those that consistently raise the morale of their crew in their behavior and simming, it’s an important distinction, recognizing the most spirited among us."}}
{{Citation|Sheathed Sword|239806.27|[[USS Arrow]]|"Presented to those to decide to inflict mental and/or physical trauma on their character, and then dive into the resulting emotions and choices in a realistic manner. The name comes from a line in a Robert Jordan book where a warrior must be prepared to 'sheath the sword' in his own body, i.e. take a grievous wound to achieve one's goal (in this case, more realistic simming) as opposed to an actual goal of the character."}}
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{{Citation|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|239512.11|Starfleet Academy|Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.}}
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[[Image:Collins Arrow ID Card.png|x200px|Arrow ID Card]]
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