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The Fallen Sword (USS Thor)

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With an initial investigation of the planet complete, the crew of the USS Thor dove deeper into the mystery surrounding the lost ship Excalibur and began to explore the city of Calabrum to discover what had become of the crash survivors. The crew split into multiple teams again to gather as much data as possible.
Team 1 was led by Commander Rouiancet and consisted of Captain Greaves, Lieutenant Sirok, and Lieutenant Junior Grade Jehe. The four beamed down to just outside of the Excalibur crash site with the task of determining what had happened to the ship. After a brief discussion the group decided to split into two sections. LT Sirok and LTJG Jehe would try and recover the ship's logs while CDR Rouiancet and Capt Greaves would conduct forensic analysis of Deck 1 to determine who had activated the distress call. By the conclusion of the investigation it was clear that there had been significant loss of life aboard the Excalibur before the crash with evidence of Klingon boarders. The Captain's logs recovered reinforced this discovery. The logs also told a story of the Excalibur's crew. The survivors spent a year surviving out of their ship and established a small settlement they named Calabrum. After a year it was clear that rescue was not coming so in an effort to prevent cultural contamination of the planet's inhabitants, the Excalibur crash site was sealed off except for one entrance.
Team 2 was led by Commander Teller and consisted of Lieutenant Commander Brodie, Lieutenant Quen, and Ensign Dar. After the encounter with the Klingons and their subsequent rescue by the knights of Calabrum, the group was brought back to the city and made an audience with Queen Arta du Pendragon. During the audience the team learned that the city was under constant threat from Klingon raiding parties. Additionally there recently had been constant earthquakes, crops had been failing, and in many places the drinking water had turned poisonous. Refugees from across the land had flocked to Calabrum's gates in search of safety. The team decided to see this all first hand and split into two groups. The first group of CDR Teller and ENS Dar went to see the knights training area. Upon arrival in the training grounds the pair watched several of the realm's most esteemed knights train until one of them challenged CDR Teller to a friendly training bout. The CDR accepted and suited up in training equipment and was subsequently bashed about the head and limbs in the sparring match, landing only a handful of successful blows himself.
The second group of LTCDR Brodie and LT Quen accompanied Queen Pendragon to the outskirts of the city to see the refugees. Here they saw the refugee camps which were almost entirely indigenous people. The lack of food and poor living conditions the refugees were suffering in were noticeable and LT Quen determined that the nearby volcano was the source of water contamination. While touring the refugee camp, a lone rider approached the Queen and reported a giant army of slave soldiers and Klingons marching toward Calabrum, only days away. The Queen sent the rider to report to the keep and the group returned to the castle to prepare.
Meanwhile LT Alieth and ENS Richards discovered the burned library which was under guard. Through clever use of a nearby child, ENS Richards created a distraction which allowed them to sneak in. LT Alieth found a written log of some interactions with the locals from the founding of Calabrum. The indigigneous population was little more than subsistence farmers when the Excalibur crashed and they were drawn to the Calabrum settlement by the sight of camp fires. To adhere to the prime directive the survivors said they were travelers from a distant area and had just settled at Calabrum. One surviving crew member told stories of Arthurian tales to explain away the presence of the more alien looking crew members. After gathering more books, the two left the library to find the rest of the team.
Team 4 was led by Fleet Captain [[Aron Kells]] and consisted of Lieutenant [[Sasha Johnson]] and Second Lieutenant Henderson. The team assembled in the shuttlebay where a recovered klingon drone had been towed to. Fleet Captain Kells wanted to gather as much information about the klingons in the area as possible. LT Johnson led the efforts in disassembling the drone to try and recover any data it had. With effort, the team found an anti-tampering device in the drone and swiftly disarmed it. Once the danger had passed, they cross referenced the computer data banks with manufacturing data found on the drone to determine it's age. The device dated back to the Federation-Klingon war from the USS Excalibur's era as suspected. More importantly it was discovered that the drone had a means to indirectly locate it's host ship. The team successfully interfaced the Thor's computers to the device and were able to determine that the Klingon's which had pursued the Excalibur had crashed a bird of prey on the planet as well.
'''''Act Three'''''
With the pieces of the puzzle coming together, the crew of the USS Thor determined that a massive volcanic explosion was imminent in the area. The resulting ash and lava would kill every living person within hundreds of miles of the site, and with it, the wreckage of the Excalibur. Fleet Captain Kells decided to meet with Queen du Pendragon personally and reveal who they really were. Queen du Pendragon, although surprised, took the news in stride and asked for assistance. With the prime directive already broken, Fleet Captain Kells decided to work to remove as much cultural contamination as possible while preserving the future development of the planet. The Thor would beam out every descendant of the Excalibur's survivors and let the volcano destroy the evidence, including the indigenous people who'd met the survivors. The interference already caused by the volcano meant that a massive safe area would have to be established to facilitate the beam-out. This required hundreds of transport pattern enhancers to be set-up. With the Klingons and the volcano threats looming there wasn't enough time to make it all happen so the crew of the Thor once again broke into teams to achieve their aims.

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