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<includeonly>[[File:{{{1}}} Commemorative Coin.png|{{{2|110150}}}px|link={{{1}}} Commemorative Coin]]</div></div></includeonly><noinclude>
This template lets you call up any [[commemorative coin]] just using the name of the coin itself.
==How to use this template:==
<nowiki>{{</nowiki>Coin|'''''name of coin'''''|'''''width''' in pixels (optional; default is 110150)''<nowiki>}}</nowiki>
So for instance, just type in
<pre>{{Coin|Per Aspera Ad Astra|80}}</pre>
and you will get the Graphic Contest Winner badge returned Per Aspera Ad Astra Commemorative Coin at a width of 80 150 pixels:
{{Coin|Per Aspera Ad Astra}} You can specify a different size by adding the width in pixels after: <pre>{{Coin|80Per Aspera Ad Astra|100}}</pre> {{Coin|Per Aspera Ad Astra|100}}
==Link Options==
The badge coin will automatically link to the its corresponding page for in the coin[[Hall of Honor]].
==Displaying Badges Coins in a Coin Rack==And here's how it looks in a badge coin rack you can put in your sidebar, using '''[[Template:Coin Rack]]'''.
{{Coin Rack

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