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Mallora Vossti/Interview with the Telepath

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Mallora frowned and paused for a moment before continuing. She had been anticipating a very different answer. She tried to organize her confusion into words so she could ask a coherent question.
Vossti: ~ Forgive me sir, but that is nearly the opposite of what I had expected. I have heard others report that this was the third time that some of the crew had been plunged into this dream realm. Had this trait, this alcoholism, been a previously established aspect of your dream-self? Or was that trait new to this iteration? ~
A heady mix of guilt and shame washed over Genkos. This was just as unpleasant and uncomfortable as he imagined. He tried to imagine the brick wall around his mind, placing each component in there, brick by psychic brick, but to no avail. Emotions washed out of him like waves on a tropical shore.

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