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Kyo Seung-gi

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Lieutenant '''Kyo Seung Gi''' is a [[Human]] Starfleet flight operations officer. He accepts "Seungi" for short.
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* '''Gender:''' Male
* '''Race:''' [[Human]]
* '''Rank:''' Lieutenant
* '''Occupation:''' Flight Ops Officer
* '''Affiliation:'''
** [[Starfleet]]
*** [[Star Station Esperance]]
*'''Rank:''' Lieutenant*'''Occupation:''' Flight Ops Officer* [[Amity Outpost]]'''Born:''' 236801.30 ({{age|2368|01|30}} years old)* '''Mother:''' Kyo Ae* '''Father:''' Kim Yeong Ho
A cheery smiling type, not much appears to phase Seungi. He is a raging optimist, going out of his way to find amusement or joy in simple things, and thrives on travelling to new places and trying new things. While not the "best" or "ace" pilot on a ship, he is capable and gets the job done with few errors.
Seungi has an intense love for hover-racing and is a skilled hover-driver. Applying the skills acquired racing hovercrafts to his Starfleet career brings him great pleasure.
Born in 2368 and raised on the move, Seungi is a Starfleet brat. His parents were NCO blue-shirts during the 2360s, but separated in 2384.
Following in his parents' footsteps felt like an inevitability, and in 2389 he was given a traineeship, shortly earning the rank of Crewman Second Class operating as a technician in the ship's science department.. But, still uncertain about what he wanted to do, Seungi took a leave from Starfleet. He took on a Bachelor of Technology in 2391, and after successful completion was offered the rank of Ensign upon his return to Starfleet.
His father, Kim Yeong Ho, and mother, Kyo Ae, separated when Seungi was sixteen years old. Seungi recalls bouncing between his mother and father's quarters like a volleyball every fortnight. His parents, while amicable between themselves, often disagree and bicker about what they considered 'best' for him. For many years, this empowered an indecisive quality in Seungi.

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