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Awards for Deck Eight ;-)
The FNS commends Samira for her tireless efforts in editing the news items each month and diving into the archive of articles to edit and polish those which can then go out on the schedule. She is also commended by the training team for her unwavering devotion to each class she takes part in, taking pride in her efforts to train and graduate new members of the fleet, and provides a dependable simmer for each class she takes part in, regardless of the role she plays. Keep up the fantastic work, Sami! We’re all incredibly proud to have you with us!
|[[File:O'Brien Award.png]]
| <center>O'Brien Award </center>
| <center>239806.26 <br>
[[USS Gorkon]]</center>
|The inaugural winner of this award scooped up a vast number of nominations, and deservedly so! Sami (Samira Neathler) is a major reason things run so smoothly on the Gorkon and the value of her support cannot be overstated. When leading one of our mission teams, she understands the importance of ensuring everyone can shine and creates opportunities for others to step into the limelight, as well as curating some of the wilder ideas into more grounded but still fun threads to pursue. Not to mention she does this while paying close attention to what everyone else is up to, and incorporating universal plot points into her team's story!
As if it wasn't enough, she's a fantastic mentor, stalwart in running our Quote of the Month competition, represented the Gorkon as our judge for the Writing Challenge, keeps our wiki up to date, and helps the command staff write our monthly reports to the Captains Council. Her wry sense of humour is a constant delight in our Discord channel, as well as the growing zoo of Deck 8!
For her unwavering support and dedication, we are proud and delighted to present Sami with the O'Brien Award!
|[[File: Awards_General_Tosma1_2011.jpg]]
| <center>TOSMA</center>
| <center>239606.24 <br>
[[USS Gorkon]]</center>
|It’s difficult to overstate how much a ship relies on sustainable and reliable simming to keep us active through the years, and it does not surprise anyone our most reliable simmer onboard is Sami. Through the years she’s been on the Gorkon, Sami has shown a fantastic dedication to her simming behaviour, to the point when she doesn’t sim for a few days, it’s a cause for concern. Regularly proof-reading and editing her sims to perfection, Sami has wowed us continuously with her commitment to delivering a wonderful chapter of the story to your inbox. Since joining us, Sami has displayed her abilities to be incredibly creative in the way she adds solid ideas to the plot, and how she’s developed her character through the trials and tribulations laid out before her. It’s a beautiful thing to see when Sami sends in a sim of Samira’s introspection, taking some time to burrow into the mind of a soul who is as deep as the ocean and yet shows beneath the surface to very few. For this reason, and many more, we’re awarding Samira Neathler with The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement First Class (TOSMA). Well done, Sami!

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