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Maria Alvarez

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* '''[[Miracle of Venthis (Arrow)]] 239803.30 - 239805.06''': The ''Arrow'' is assigned to Second Contact with the people of the planet Venthis. Venthis had been in a global catastrophic civil war for nearly two hundred years before the fighting suddenly stopped eighteen months ago. After First Contact with the ''Arkhipov'', the Venthis have petitioned for membership in the United Federation of Planets. ''Arrow'' is tasked with evaluating the planet for membership and discovering the reason for their new technological advancement in such a short time. Maria is tasked with running a survey of a large debris field surrounding the planet, hunting for clues as to the technological advancement. She doesn't get very far before the ship suddenly locks down, every console aboard displaying a Greek Omega symbol. After releasing the lockout, the captain abruptly re-tasks her to building a quantum resonance chamber with Hayley Caden. Upon completion, she finds herself thrown into escorting the enigmatic Venthian, Hawisa Alios, then taking her daughter, Azzo, on a brief tour of the ''Arrow'' that ends in Sickbay. Before long, Maria is ordered to the surface with Serinus, Ander, and Caden to find the Omega Particle and neutralize it. They nearly locate the particle in a southern city called Lowka when they're pinned down by enemy forces. ''Arrow'' barely manages to beam them and the particle out just in time, leaving Maria somewhat dazed as the particle is deposited in the closest black hole.
* '''[[What Happens on Risa... (Arrow)]] 239805.06 - Present''':Maria is dragged into a book club by Quentin and Cassie, but manages to convince them to go on an adventure with her at the next available opportunity in return. While cleaning out a storage closet, Maria discovers an old Fleeter Still, and takes it to Shayne. She tries to convince him to keep the still, and they end up drunk and discussing a mysterious letter of the Captain's in the process, somehow bringing the two slightly closer to an understanding. Later, she throws a birthday bash on Risa, and convinces some fellow officers to dance at the club with her. At the awards ceremony, she's decorated with an '''Innovation Ribbon''' and '''Captain's Commendation'''. She barely manages to catch up with Regan, who's decided it's time to take leave of Starfleet for a while, and says her goodbyes to her friend.
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