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Venthis (planet)

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A city rebuilt with surprising haste and effectiveness after the global cease-fire, the Venthis Capitol is located in a relatively neutral site that used to belong to the Northern States, now an autonomous region belonging to all the nations. Capital City is almost entirely rebuilt, with only outlying suburbs needing attention. The city is home to the Capitol building, as well as the Veteran's Hospital, a massive complex dedicated to treating soldiers from across the planet.
The Capitol building itself was converted from a bomb-manufacturing plant. Each nation has an equal area in the building to display any remnants of its cultural artworks that they choose to. Captital City is the administrative and cultural center of Venthis, but Kordel is the de-facto Capital due to its superior industry.
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Located in a previously contested area near the border Capital city of the Eastern and industrial Western States, Kordel City is a centered on the banks of the River Kordel. Home to Feren Industries, the institution responsible for technology called ''The Miracle'', Kordel is rapidly turning into a heavily industrialized and rebuilt city. Nearly wiped off the map only a few short years before the global cease-fire, many of the neighborhoods around the city center are still undergoing active reconstruction. The city center itself is not only being rebuilt, but heavily redeveloped with large towers designed with new architecture being installed side-by-side with more historic brick-and-timber buildings that managed to survive.
The population of Kordel City is swelling rapidly. Numerous heavy industries are establishing themselves in the region, attracting large numbers of immigrants from the entire planet. In many ways, Kordel City represents the best of Venthis and its people. To accommodate this influx, many of the old neighborhoods and suburbs are undergoing rapid re-construction, bringing back the old row homes that many used to live in.
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The old capital of the Southern State, Lowka now lies in ruins. The entire city was bombed in a rain of fire towards the end of the war and most of its population was killed in the blasts. The buildings and infrastructure are hollowed ruins. The Southern State is mostly wetland and marches, similar to Earths Vietnam or American state of Louisiana. As such Lowka was situated on the banks of a large river and its docklands stretched for miles.
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