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Maz Rodan

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Like most Trill, Maz is inherently bisexual, though has accepted that he is - and was before Joining - homosexual.
He graduated from the Academy with a major in Astrophysics and Astronomy, with a minor in Quantum Mechanics. He is fascinated with the workings of the universe and his biggest dream is to witness the birth of a star. While at the Academy he joined a group of budding scientists called ''The Storm Chasers'', who in their spare time chased ion storms with the hopes of mapping their internal composition in an attempt to create an effective early warning system against dangerous ion storms, dust clouds and interstellar matter phenomena.
* '''Quarters''': Generally tidy but with hints of disorganization.
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* [ <span style="color: black;">'''My Time'''</span>] - Newly Joined Maz arrives for duty on the ''USS Arrow''.

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