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The Fallen Sword (USS Thor)

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Mission Summary: team 3 act 1
Team 3, led by Commander [[Geoffrey Teller]], consisted of Lieutenant Commander [[Alexander Brodie]], Ensign [[Dar Elandra]], and Ensign [[Katsim Peri]]. This team was tasked to examine the environment around the ship's final location and determine a way to extract the Starfleet technology. The group was transported to an apparently volcanic area, where they began to analyse the terrain for foreign elements. Midway through the survey, the group was struck by an earthquake. Shortly after it, while still recovering from the shock, they detected a group approaching the situation. Unwilling to risk discovery, they hid in the area until whoever was approaching was revealed and they could identify whether it was friend, foe, native, local life or other. What they didn't expect was that what appeared in the area was a Klingon party, armed in what looked like medieval armour and mounting what were clearly the largest war-targ any of them had ever seen. The situation was complicated when Katsim Peri was discovered and, despite the best efforts of the entire party to avoid a hostile situation, they were soon surrounded and a scuffle broke out. As the fight swung against the Starfleeters, they were suddenly rescued by an unexpected appearance: Queen Arta du Pendragon & The Crimson Knights. Once the battle was over and the enemies defeated, the monarch offered the away team refuge in her kingdom, unaware of their true nature.

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