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The Fallen Sword (USS Thor)

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Mission Summary: Act 1 team 1 development
Team 1, led by Lieutenant [[Alieth]], consisted of Ensign [[Anton Richards]], Lieutenant JG [[Dime De Scheppes]], and Lieutenant [[Quen Deena]]. This team was tasked with examining evidence of indiginous life forms in the region and determining if there had been contact between Federation technology and their natural development. Beamed well away from the intended area, the team found themselves in a thick forest. They were no near their destination when the tremors that shook the planet forced them to take shelter in a nearby cave. What appeared to be a temporary refuge became a must when the entry to the cave collapsed, leaving them trapped. In their search for a way out, the team discovered several things: first, that the tunnel had a source of radiation. Secondly, it had been carved out of the mountain by something or someone decades ago, rather than being a natural one. Finally, deep into the cave, Ensign Richards found a mark reminiscent of a Starfleet badge, embedded in a sort of pennant, along with an arrow and a word: Calabrum. The group followed the directions further and further into the mountain, until they reached the other side. There they came upon a sight they had not expected, the white walls of Calabrum, a medieval city built around a castle with strangely familiar shapes. Still camouflaged as natives, the away team joined one of the refugee convoys heading for the city and entered the town undercover.

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