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The Fallen Sword (USS Thor)

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Team 4, led by Commander [[Lia Rouiancet]], consisted of Ensign Lieutenant JG [[Jehe Saja]], Second Lieutenant [[Ishani Singh]] and Second Lieutenant [[Josh Henderson]]. This team was tasked with conducting a survey of the system once the Thor arrived to determine if there were additional indigenous races in the area. The Thor would remain at the location of the Excalibur so the team would condut the survey aboard the Valkyrie Fighter detachment. Upon arrival at the Excalibur's crash site the team departed aboard Valkyrie 1 with Valkyrie 2, 3, and 4 in formation. The team made an initial survey plan to spread the squadron out throughout the system and conduct a thorough search. During the execution of the survey, Valkyrie 3's sensors detected a strange power source but did not realize it at the time. LTJG Jehe discovered the sensor readings and Valkryie 1 set course to investigate. The nebula interfered with sensors so the fighter had to close to within close range to scan the anomoly. The power source was identified orbiting a small planetoid but as the fighter approached it split into six different small contacts. As soon as the fighter was within scanning range the mystery objects powered disruptors and attacked the fighter. It was discovered that the objects were small orbital defense platforms. CDR Rouiancet attempted to make contact with the attackers, but an automated Klingon response was the only reply. While 2ndLt Singh attempted to dodge the weapons fire, the rest of the team determined that the satelites were very old and likely were a trap left by Klingons for the Excalibur. 2ndLt Henderson discovered the satelites had unreliable power sources and the disrupter output was exceptionally low. Combined with the shield advancedments of the last 150 years, the Valkyrie was easily able to absorbe the weapons fire. All satelites were destroyed with one being disabled and towed back to the USS Thor for further analysis.

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