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Shore leave: Vulcan (USS Thor)

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Shore Leave Summary: correcting a plot, adding part Sern arc
====Shore Leave Summary====
*[[Geoffrey Teller]] tells [[Alieth]] that he hasn't 'heard' from Sern for a while. Alieth performs a mind meld, and the two go on a wild ride through Teller's brain.
*[[Katsim Peri]] remembers her friend, Ayna, on the second anniversary of her death.
*[[Sirok]] married with [[Rekika]] of Romulus.
*[[Wes Greaves]], [[Anton Richards]] and [[Kellan Glass]] end up stuck in a turbolift and literally have to crawl their way out of it before it dropped.
*[[Katsim Peri]] runs into [[Kellan Glass]] as he tries to decide whether or not he's going on a turbolift after a traumatic enounter with one.
*[[Dar Elandra]], [[Katsim Peri]], [[Aron Kells]] and [[Geoffrey Teller]] all play Springball. The CO and FO get crushed by their competitors.
*[[Jehe Saja]] moves in to her new quarters, and [[Katsim Peri]] is surprised to find out who her new roommate is. They are joined by a spider named Valerie, the wayward pet of [[Kellan Glass]] who comes to retrieve her, much to Jehe's relief.
*[[Alieth]] calls a sort of JOPA meeting to order so that [[Jehe Saja]] an a play a prank on [[Geoffrey Teller]]. [[Katsim Peri]] is the only one to answer the all.
*[[Alieth]], [[Wes Greaves]] and [[Katsim Peri]] visit Vulcan to go sandboarding.
*[[Sobok]], [[Rekika]], and [[Katsim Peri]] go to pick up a package.
*[[Wes Greaves]] and [[Katsim Peri]] wake up in Sickbay and [[Alieth]] breaks the news to them about their extensive injuries and what treatment was required.
*[[Geoffrey Teller]] still has Vulcan on the brain, but [[Alieth]], determined to save both their lives, requests the assistance of [[Saveron]].
*[[Saveron]] arrives and visits Vulcan to enlist plead the aid of T'Mihn, a Vulcan priestess[[Alieth]]'s Clan Matriarch to no avail.
*[[Nesre Salo]] invites her brother, [[Malak Salo]] and [[Alexander Brodie]] to a concert on Vulcan.
*[[Lia Rouiancet]] invites [[Anton Richards]], [[Alexander Brodie]], [[Nesre Salo]], and [[Kellan Glass]] to visit the Political Museum on Vulcan, where Richards gets accused of theft.
*[[Geoffrey Teller]] opens a new Brew Continuum. [[Alieth]], [[Sirok]], and [[Nesre Salo]] are the first customers.
*After receiving a summons, [[Dar Elandra]] starts having dreams, and visits both [[Brodie]] and [[Aron Kells]] to discuss those dreams and whether or not she should go to Cardassia.*[[Saveron]] asks help to his former wife to extracts [[Sern]]'s katra from [[Geoffrey Teller]]'s brain. T'lil reminds him that no priestess could help when a legal action is taking place, so he should do it himself*[[Saveron]], [[Sern]]'s katra from [[Geoffrey Teller]]'s brain using the 'Fal-tor-pan' ritual with [[Alieth]], with some mechanical aid coming from the work of the former engineer. They succeed.

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