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Shore leave: Vulcan (USS Thor)

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*[[Sobok]], [[Rekika]], and [[Katsim Peri]] go to pick up a package.
*Spring is in the air. Springball that is. It's [[Wes Greaves]]'s turn to go against [[Katsim Peri]], and the quiet woman proves to be a formidable player. Later, Wes invites Peri to go on a short trip to Earth with him.
*On the way to Earth, [[Wes Greaves]] and [[Katsim Peri]] find themselves in trouble as the shuttle suffers a major malfunction. After the ejecting the warp ore, the subsequent blast sends them hurtling down to an icy planet. Although they survived, they suffered multiple serious injuries which, after being rescued by [[Lia Rouiancet]], [[Jehe Saja]], [[Anton Richards]] and [[Kellan Glass]] on the Thor, enter in the care of [[Quen Deena]] and [[Alieth]], saving their lives.
*[[Wes Greaves]] and [[Katsim Peri]] wake up in Sickbay and [[Alieth]] breaks the news to them about their extensive injuries and what treatment was required.
*[[Geoffrey Teller]] still has Vulcan on the brain, but [[Alieth]], determined to save both their lives, requests the assistance of [[Saveron]].
*[[Saveron]] arrives and visits Vulcan to enlist the aid of T'Mihn, a Vulcan priestess.
*[[Nesre Salo]] invites her brother, [[Malak Salo]] and [[Alexander Brodie]] to a concert on Vulcan.
*[[Lia Rouiancet]] invites [[Anton Richards]], [[Alexander Brodie]], [[Nesre Salo]], and [[Kellan Glass]] to visit the Political Museum on Vulcan, where Richards gets accused of theft.
*[[Geoffrey Teller]] opens a new Brew Continuum. [[Alieth]], [[Sirok]], and [[Nesre Salo]] are the first customers.
*After receiving a summons, [[Dar Elandra]] starts having dreams, and visits both [[Brodie]] and [[Aron Kells]] to discuss those dreams and whether or not she should go to Cardassia.

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