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USS Gorkon

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==Current Mission==
|NAME= Operation Q-BallWhat Do Boys Dream
|NUMBER=Episode 1718|STARDATE=239711239803.30 23 - 239802.02Present|IMAGE=NassaAsteroid-SlimsDistrictIndustrial_Hallway.jpg|BLURB=As the USS Azetbur goes missing, and Rear Admiral [[Quinn Reynolds]] mysteriously disappears, the crew of the USS Gorkon take it on themselves to investigate her disappearance After being betrayed by heading into the seedy, underhanded world one of the Orion Syndicate once more. <br><br>Successfully completed their missionown, many of the Gorkon is now in orbit around [[Deep Space 224]], Skarbek crew are captured and thrown into a Cardassian prison where the crew enjoys shore leave they must fight to survive and other shenanigansescape.