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Maria Alvarez

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* '''[[The Ultimatum (Arrow)]] 239801.04 - 239802.24''': Maria leads a new charge to decipher the Sheliak language, under pressure with the new Sheliak threat to Theta 122. The effort doesn't get very far with too little time to make serious progress. She aids in a maneuver to disable the Razor's Edge, and mostly facilitates the crew's actions. When the crew discovers they can't get communications with the away team and that the shuttle had been shot down, she works with the engineering teams to jury-rig a probe that can bypass the interference in the atmosphere. This plan helps regain contact, and also draw the attention of a Sheliak captain. With contact re-established with the away team, the ''Arrow'' discovers there's not just an Iconian portal, but a live Iconian on the surface. With the Sheliak captain now heading to the surface, Maria assists with a plan to dive the ''Arrow'' into the atmosphere and shut down the portal so the Sheliak can't benefit from the technology. The plan works, and the crew rescue a number of wounded from the surface, the Sheliak beaming away and repatriating the rest.
* '''Shoreleave 239802.25 - Present''': Maria started out the leave with little to do other than paperwork, leaving her in a bit of a bored bind. She spent a fair bit of her early leave with her friend, Regan - helping him perform the emceeing "FSB" and consoling him about long lost love, Nicholas Rehme. During the same discussion, Maria discovers her roommate, Chloe, might be harboring a growing crush on R'Ariel, and she meets the ship's new doctor, Cassie Mason. She eventually returns to her doldrums though, worse than ever. She ends up improvising a rap during the bridge night watch with Collins that cuts some of the tension, and the two end up reconciling and sharing music and drinks while the watch finishes. It's still not enough, and in an attempt to escape dwelling on her past, she invents a project to build a holodeck aboard the ''Arrow''. Her first step is to justify the need of such a construction, and prove its viability. In the course of doing so, she winds up taking likeable R'Ariel out for drinks and having a surprisingly in-depth conversation about identity, siblings, myths, and legends. Soon after, she's compiling data, and discovers Regan is being transferred off of ''Arrow'' by his father. Upset, she confronts him, and is frustrated when he refuses to fight the transfer even though he doesn't want to go. The next day, she goes to sickbay to gather more data for pitching the holodeck, but winds up making a new friend when she confides in Cassie about Regan, and having shares a conversation about joining Starfleet and Maria's past. Maria is delighted later when Regan asks her to help him stop the transfer once and for all - she takes internal sensors offline long enough for Regan to have a private conversation with his father. That complete, she finally pitches her idea of a holodeck to the Captain and the Engineering team. Afterwards, she has an antagonistic confrontation with Shayne over what to do with the Sheliak linguistic data ''Arrow'' gathered, but more importantly the events of Regan's transfer. She eventually reaches a truce with the Captain, only backing down from her position when the alternative is a transfer. She's awarded a second '''Innovation Ribbon''' for her efforts assisting in closing the Iconian Portal on Theta 122.
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