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Maria Alvarez

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Maria was born the youngest of three children to a comparatively traditional family in Argentina. While comparatively isolated from a lot of technology and non-human culture, she was heavily immersed in a broad range of earth languages and customs early on, notably the cultures of several indigenous peoples from the region and the greater Americas. She demonstrated significant aptitude for music and especially dance from a young age. Her parents quickly pushed her into top schools from the area, eventually resigning to let her use a transporter to commute to Buenos Aires for lessons. The family moved to Paris in 2380, nominally for opportunities for the whole family, but in no small part to offer even more opportunities to Maria's training.
She attended the prestigious Tisch School for the Arts in New York for a degree in music majoring in dance, where by all accounts she excelled with a combination of exceptionally hard work and natural intellect. Her master's degree marked a significant shift away from her focus on human-based cultures, at least formally, with a specialism in xeno-musicology. Records indicate special proficiency picking up languages and instruments, at least conversationally. After graduation, she joined a dance group specializing in experimental combinations and synthesis of various styles. Despite strong reviews - one critic calling the group 'an explosive tour-de-force of physical dynamism' - the group disbanded after just over a year lacking popular reception and experiencing creative disagreements. After this, she spent several months living with her Sister and Brother in law in Córdoba, and traveling throughout South Americathe Americas.
No records exist on why Maria joined Starfleet in a sudden change of career. Admissions advisors were skeptical about admitting her given this in addition to her psychological profile, but were ultimately swayed by a recommendation from her Brother in Law, who serves as a Lieutenant in Starfleet. Given her educational background, she was granted several credits accelerating her timetable for graduation. Her academy record is exceptionally average, remarkable only for a considerable number of derogatory remarks surrounding her behavior and conduct; though none seemingly serious enough to merit real attention. Several instructor remarks cite high potential, but a stubborn unwillingness to apply herself. She largely avoided any cultural or artistic types of classes at the academy, and rejected offers to join extracurriculars that would have made sense with her musical past. She was known to associate with multiple groups of high-performing cadets, developing a handful of loyal friendships and equally many confrontational relationships.
Characterizations of Maria range a variety of often contradictory adjectives: confident, self-possessed, out-going, individualistic, private, warm, overbearing, humorous, irreverent, bold, unruly, flirtatious, moody, physical, chaotic, intelligent, unambitious, unmotivated, and many others. The way she presents herself to others frequently varies with mood and her estimation of the individual she's interacting with. She's extraordinarily loyal to her friends, building them up and pushing them, but also a cunning enemy, willing to use unconventional and effective approaches. Her application to the academy raised a lot of eyebrows during the psychoanalytic phase, with an unwillingness to discuss in detail her motivations for joining Starfleet almost stopping her acceptance.
She's a remarkably quick learner when focused, but a terrible student given to frequent distraction and bouts of procrastination. Her background in dance demonstrates a particular combination of abilities: teamwork, creativity, intense organization, immaculate planning, and ability to still change direction and improvise with little notice. On the flip side, when unmotivated or disinterested she can be chaotic, scattered, and challenging to work with. She Aside from a sloppy (if effective) approach to computers, she hasn't proven any special ability in engineering or sciences. Instead, but she seems to have a liking for research, law, requisitionslogistics, communications, and history.
Maria's self-assurance and sense of humor lead the show with most of her interactions. She has a distinct distaste for formality, preferring an irreverent and straightforward approach to her work, to the chagrin of senior officers everywhere. There's rarely very little doubt about what Maria is feeling, and she can be highly expressive. She forms opinions of others quickly, but seems to be always open to being surprised by people, for good or ill.
* Theatrics
* Anything bizarre or complex or new
* A vast array of music- Particularly avant-garde art and music; she loves being challenged by something aesthetically
* Wordplay
* Particularly avant-garde art and music; she loves being challenged by something aesthetically
* Children, especially babies
* Rigid people
* Rank-climbers, and the duty-obsessed
* Being told how to be or act- anyone trying to "fix" her
* Jefferies Tubes
* Disfigurement
* Loss of mental faculty, loss of self
* Becoming bland or unremarkable
* Being afraid
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* '''[[Regan Wilde]]''': Flashy and outgoing pretty-boy - the two are too similar to be anything but friends, but different enough to regularly drive each other crazy too. Maria is particularly close with Regan after he reached out and made her feel at home after a rocky first mission, despite having a fairly explosive start to their friendship. The two are playmates, confidants, partners-in-crime, and may eventually even be best friends if they can figure out their differences and continue to open up.
* '''[[Cassandra Mason]]''': The two are still getting to know each other, but Maria has already shared more about her life before Starfleet with Cassie than anyone else on the ''Arrow''. Despite Maria's bullish exuberance and Cassie's self-conscious timidity, they seem to have plenty in common as well. They get along exceptionally well and have created the beginnings of a close friendship.* '''[[Randal Shayne]]''': Maria's captain on the ''Arrow''. It was pretty clear almost immediately the two wouldn't see eye-to-eye, with Maria's off-the-wall sense of humor and dangerously clever individuality no doubt shortening the captain's life expectancy. Maria views her captain as something of a rigid, emotionally closed-off authoritarian to be avoided or outwitted. Still, she harbors a sneaking respect for his abilitieshowever antagonistic the relationship may be - not that she'd ever tell him.
* '''[[Quentin Collins]]''': Maria's XO on the ''Arrow''. Maria finds the man awkward, but likeable enough. The relationship started on a pretty bad foot after misjudgements on both sides. However, the two have managed to reconcile, sharing a bond over music on the late-night shift aboard ''Arrow''. Still, it's far from certain just how these two will treat each other going forward.
* '''[[Chloe Waters]]''': Maria's roommate on the Arrow. Maria doesn't overly mind her roommate, though it would be hard to find a more different pair of human women. Her boisterousness and humor put Chloe in an awkward spot more often than not, but never from malicious intent. Maria doesn't really understand or have much patience for Chloe's closeted, dry, and shy personality, but it doesn't bug her much either.
* '''[[The Ultimatum (Arrow)]] 239801.04 - 239802.24''': Maria leads a new charge to decipher the Sheliak language, under pressure with the new Sheliak threat to Theta 122. The effort doesn't get very far with too little time to make serious progress. She aids in a maneuver to disable the Razor's Edge, and mostly facilitates the crew's actions. When the crew discovers they can't get communications with the away team and that the shuttle had been shot down, she works with the engineering teams to jury-rig a probe that can bypass the interference in the atmosphere. This plan helps regain contact, and also draw the attention of a Sheliak captain. With contact re-established with the away team, the ''Arrow'' discovers there's not just an Iconian portal, but a live Iconian on the surface. With the Sheliak captain now heading to the surface, Maria assists with a plan to dive the ''Arrow'' into the atmosphere and shut down the portal so the Sheliak can't benefit from the technology. The plan works, and the crew rescue a number of wounded from the surface, the Sheliak beaming away and repatriating the rest.
* '''Shoreleave 239802.25 - Present''': Maria started out the leave with little to do other than paperwork, leaving her in a bit of a bored bind. She spent a fair bit of her early leave with her friend, Regan - helping him perform the "FSB" and consoling him about long lost love, Nicholas Rehme. During the same discussion, Maria discovers her roommate, Chloe, might be harboring a growing crush on R'Ariel, and she meets the ship's new doctor, Cassie Mason. She eventually returns to her doldrums though, worse than ever. She ends up improvising a rap during the bridge night watch with Collins that cuts some of the tension, and the two end up reconciling and sharing music and drinks while the watch finishes. It's still not enough, and in an attempt to escape dwelling on her past, she invents a project to build a holodeck aboard the ''Arrow''. Her first step is to justify the need of such a construction, and prove its viability. In the course of doing so, she winds up taking likeable R'Ariel out for drinks and having a surprisingly in-depth conversation about identity, siblings, myths, and legends. Soon after, she's compiling data, and discovers Regan is being transferred off of ''Arrow'' by his father. Upset, she confronts him, and is frustrated when he refuses to fight the transfer even though he doesn't want to go. The next day, she goes to sickbay to gather more data for pitching the holodeck, but winds up making a new friend when she confides in Cassie and having a conversation about joining Starfleet and Maria's past. Maria is delighted later when Regan asks her to help him stop the transfer once and for all - she takes internal sensors offline long enough for Regan to have a private conversation with his father. That complete, she finally pitches her idea of a holodeck to the Captain and the Engineering team. Afterwards, she has an antagonistic confrontation with Shayne over what to do with the Sheliak linguistic data ''Arrow'' gathered, but more importantly the events of Regan's transfer.
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