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The '''Abossaon Th'shriqak Memorial Animal Sanctuary''' is (also known as the "Abossaon") was formerly a private animal sanctuary on [[Donova IV]] operated by [[Maria Chicchoni]]. The park is named in honor of Chicchoni's late missing husband, Abossaon Th'shriqak. Most of the animals are rescued from collectors, traders, smugglers. == History ==The sanctuary was originally named “Home and Sanctuary”. After Abossaon went missing in 2396, Chicchoni named it after Th'shriqak in 2397. The sanctuary has grown by a factor of almost three since then. == Animals ==The sanctuary has several roadways that are lined by enclosures. The names of the roadways relate to the origins of the animals on display. === Animals on "Shoals Road" ===Shoals road is a row of enclosures that contained rescued animals native to the Shoals.* [[Ketar_V#First_Colony_Forest|Ketarian Pandas]] (Kept in an enclosure with transplanted Rākauaraka trees from Ketar V, it has a small weather controller to match the planet’s atmosphere)* [[Antor_II#Wildlife|Antorian Drake Scorpion]]* [[Karakka#Wildlife|Karakkan Krakens]]* An array of native birds from the far side of [[Bupirninyirring]]* A [[Cakapunnual]] tiger named "Monet" === Animals on “Santa Monica Boulevard” ===Santa Monica Boulevard was a small road at the sanctuary with enclosures on either side dedicated to rescued native Earth animals. It includes several Crocodile enclosures, including one for two salt water crocodiles named "Gracie" and "Marge". They were originally being kept in a holodeck in the Pharaoh Islands on the Eastern Continent of Donova IV, and had septicemia. === Other Animals ===Other animals kept a the sanctuary were:* [ Rigellian Hypnoid] (Rumors among many Donova IV citizens implicate that Chicchoni murdered her husband and fed his body to this animal, which she emphatically denies)* A pair of young [ Altarian marsupials]* [ Risian Sea Turtle]* [ Ceti Eels]  {{References}}
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