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Maria Alvarez

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* '''[[Regan Wilde]]''': Flashy and outgoing pretty-boy - the two are too similar to be anything but friends, but different enough to regularly drive each other crazy too. Maria is particularly close with Regan after he reached out and made her feel at home after a rocky first mission, despite having a fairly explosive start to their friendship. The two are playmates, confidants, partners-in-crime, and may eventually even be best friends if they can figure out their differences and continue to open up.* '''[[Randal Shayne]]''': Maria's captain on the ''Arrow''. It was pretty clear almost immediately the two wouldn't see eye-to-eye, with Maria's off-the-wall sense of humor and dangerously clever individuality no doubt shortening the captain's life expectancy. Maria views her captain as something of a rigid, emotionally closed-off authoritarian to be avoided or outwitted. Still, she harbors a sneaking respect for his abilities.* '''[[Quentin Collins]]''': Maria's XO on the ''Arrow''. Despite appearing potentially compatible Maria finds the man awkward, but likeable enough. The relationship started on a pretty bad foot after misjudgements on paperboth sides. However, the two seem have managed to have broken communicationreconcile, sharing a bond over music on the late-night shift aboard ''Arrow''. Maria finds Quentin awkward and difficult to gaugeStill, but also hasnit't interacted with him enough yet to fully understand s far from certain just how to interact with himthese two will treat each other going forward.
* '''[[Chloe Waters]]''': Maria's roommate on the Arrow. Maria doesn't overly mind her roommate, though it would be hard to find a more different pair of human women. Her boisterousness and humor put Chloe in an awkward spot more often than not, but never from malicious intent. Maria doesn't really understand or have much patience for Chloe's closeted, dry, and shy personality, but it doesn't bug her much either.
* '''[[Regan WildeR'Ariel]]''': Flashy ''Arrow's'' counselor seems like almost a natural fit for the kind of person Maria seeks out: kind, clever, and outgoing pretty-boy, the capable. Maria admires her way with words as well as her thoughtfulness. The two are definitely destined for either an unbreakable friendship or share a showy rivalry. Itlove of food and drink, and Maria has promised she'll have to make her family's too soon to tellasado for R'Ariel.
* '''[[A Scouring of Stars (Arrow)]] 239710.27 - 239712.02''': Maria arrives aboard the USS Arrow after an incredibly long, sleepless shuttle flight made unbearable by a faulty inertial damper she was unable to repair. Out of the loop, and terribly loopy, she makes her first introduction to the captain and crew during a conference between the major powers orbiting Theta 122. She's immediately pressed into service - with the help of Crewman Patrick, Chloe Waters, and Hayley Caden in Shuttlecraft 1, she targeted and destroyed a dampening field cutting off communications with an orbital strike. The success is only temporary, and soon the life of the captain and other senior officers are under threat, trapped in the conference room with the bloodthirsty orion pirate queen, Ghant. Maria discovers that in the crew's haste to return to the conference, she wasn't granted command codes for the ship, and ends up locked out from the computer and unable to assist. She hatches an insane plan to use the security module from the shuttle she arrived on to hijack the Arrow and deploy anesthizine before boarding pirates can take control. With the help of Chief Brom, Eerie, Regan Wilde, and the engineering staff, the crew holds out against an all-out assault on main engineering long enough for her to complete the plan and deploy security screens (and become accidentally registered as Fleet Admiral in the process). Still the anesthizine is inoperative, and she discovers she must engage a manual bypass in the cargo bay. Once there, she is confronted with the escaped Ghant, who nearly roundly defeats Maria after calling her ability and motivation into question. Given a moment's reprieve by the heroic sacrifice of Lt. Wilde and intervention of Lt. Serinus, she pulls herself together and just in time before she's cut off from help yet again. She finally gains the upper hand and kills Ghant, and manages a hasty re-activation of the anesthizine before falling unconscious from her wounds and sleep deprivation.
* '''Shoreleave 239712.02 - 239801.04''': Maria finds herself struggling to adapt to everyday life aboard the Arrow, especially after such a wild first day. She fails to connect with her new roommate, and has a spat with both the CO and XO in an attempt to minimize and hide her actions, already set on edge by the ship buzzing about her actions in Engineering. She finds herself reliving killing Ghant over and over again. She reaches out to Regan Wilde, one of the few people she felt like she connected to after cake, but the first two tries at their friendship go terribly awry. She speaks at the funeral for [[Sofia Davenport]]. Regan and Maria finally manage to bond over a game of paintball assassin, and Maria is overwhelmed when Regan reveals he gave up his holodeck time on the Syrtan to be with her, and they become fast friends. Maria receives the Legion of Merit and the Innovation Ribbon in the awards ceremony.
* '''[[The Ultimatum (Arrow)]] 239801.04 - 239802.24''': Maria leads a new charge to decipher the Sheliak language, under pressure with the new Sheliak threat to Theta 122. The effort doesn't get very far with too little time to make serious progress. She aids in a maneuver to disable the Razor's Edge, and mostly facilitates the crew's actions. When the crew discovers they can't get communications with the away team and that the shuttle had been shot down, she works with the engineering teams to jury-rig a probe that can bypass the interference in the atmosphere. This plan helps regain contact, and also draw the attention of a Sheliak captain. With contact re-established with the away team, the ''Arrow'' discovers there's not just an Iconian portal, but a live Iconian on the surface. With the Sheliak captain now heading to the surface, Maria assists with a plan to dive the ''Arrow'' into the atmosphere and shut down the portal so the Sheliak can't benefit from the technology. The plan works, and the crew rescue a number of wounded from the surface, the Sheliak beaming away and repatriating the rest.
 * '''Shoreleave 239802.25 - Present''':Maria started out the leave with little to do other than paperwork, leaving her in a bit of a bored bind. She spent a fair bit of her early leave with her friend, Regan - helping him perform the "FSB" and consoling him about long lost love, Nicholas Rehme. During the same discussion, Maria discovers her roommate, Chloe, might be harboring a growing crush on R'Ariel, and she meets the ship's new doctor, Cassie Mason. She eventually returns to her doldrums though, worse than ever. She ends up improvising a rap during the bridge night watch with Collins that cuts some of the tension, and the two end up reconciling and sharing music and drinks while the watch finishes. It's still not enough, and in an attempt to escape dwelling on her past, she invents a project to build a holodeck aboard the ''Arrow''. Her first step is to justify the need of such a construction, and prove its viability. In the course of doing so, she winds up taking likeable R'Ariel out for drinks and having a surprisingly in-depth conversation about identity, siblings, myths, and legends. Soon after, she's compiling data, and discovers Regan is being transferred off of ''Arrow'' by his father...
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