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<center>{{Heading|OOC Activities|Black}}</center>
*[[Publicity Federation News Service Team]] - [[Catherina Crauw]]*[[Training Team]] *[[Social Media Team]]
*[[History Team]]
*[[Federation News Service Team]] - [[Catherina Crauw]]
As chief, she runs the department with a light touch and a deft hand, meeting and greeting new additions with a wry sense of humour and an invitation to help improve and develop the role of security aboard the ship. She's an exemplar of how to write Security, following in the finest traditions of the on-screen officers and I'm so pleased to present her with the Natasha Yar Pin. Congratulations, Sami!"
|[[File:Badge-SOTFA Ship Commendation.png]][[File:Badge-SOTFA Taskforce Commendation.png]]
|<center>2021 State of the Federation Address</center>
|<center>239701.14 <br>
[[USS Gorkon]]</center>
|As one of the fleet’s most hardworking members, Samira is commended not only by her ship, the USS Gorkon for being one of the most reliable, and creative members onboard, including running the Quote of the Month now for a full year on time every month, but also by the taskforces she is a reliable and creative member of.
The FNS commends Samira for her tireless efforts in editing the news items each month and diving into the archive of articles to edit and polish those which can then go out on the schedule. She is also commended by the training team for her unwavering devotion to each class she takes part in, taking pride in her efforts to train and graduate new members of the fleet, and provides a dependable simmer for each class she takes part in, regardless of the role she plays. Keep up the fantastic work, Sami! We’re all incredibly proud to have you with us!

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