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Maria Alvarez

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'''Ensign Maria Alvarez''' is currently serving as a '''Operations Officer''' aboard the {{USS|Arrow}}.
* '''Build''': Athletic and lean
* '''Carriage''': Poised, graceful, balletic, sometimes sassy
* '''Style of Dress''': On duty, she carves out her individuality with prettily done but barely-regulation hair and tasteful attention to her makeup. Off duty, she tends to dress with a sort of classy avant-garde minimalism that's trendy and attractive. She cleans up very well for bigger events, always striving to dress for success.
* '''Raphael and Emilia Alvarez'''
Maria has said little about her parents, but what she has said makes it clear they don't speak any more. Maria is fairly certain they don't even know what ship she's posted to. Even before things turned bitter, it's apparent it was a fraught and complicated relationship, particularly with her mother.
{{Heading|Relationships|Gold}}'''Siblings'''* '''Diego Alvarez (Brother, 32)'''The quiet, unassuming kid of the bunch, he and Maria haven't always been particularly close, but never really fought either. He's been supportive of her joining Starfleet, and has actually been closer to Maria since. He is the most regular penpal of the family, but still lives in Argentina, working on a ranch with their uncle.
* Parents: Raphael and Emilia Alvarez* Diego Alvarez (Brother, 32)* '''Camila Alvarez Ledesma (Sister, 35)'''* The oldest child, now married to Lieutenant Paulo Ledesma (Brother-in-law. The two were quite close growing up, but lost touch when Maria moved to Paris with their parents and Camila stayed behind. The two reconnected after Maria left her dance troupe, 37)and before she went to Starfleet Academy. Maria frequently calls her big sister "Cami".
'''Extended Family
* '''Lieutenant Paulo Ledesma (Brother-in-law, 37)'''
Maria probably wouldn't be in Starfleet if not for the recommendation of her brother-in-law, who has been a major supporter of her commission.
* Loss of mental faculty, loss of self
* Becoming bland or unremarkable
{{Heading|Professional Relationships|Gold}}
* '''[[Randal Shayne]]''': Maria's captain on the Arrow. It was pretty clear almost immediately the two wouldn't see eye-to-eye, with Maria's off-the-wall sense of humor and dangerously clever individuality no doubt shortening the captain's life expectancy. Maria views her captain as something of a rigid, emotionally closed-off authoritarian to be avoided or outwitted. Still, she harbors a sneaking respect for his abilities.
* '''[[Chloe Waters]]''': Maria's roommate on the Arrow. Maria doesn't overly mind her roommate, though it would be hard to find a more different pair of human women. Her boisterousness and humor put Chloe in an awkward spot more often than not, but never from malicious intent. Maria doesn't really understand or have much patience for Chloe's closeted, dry, and shy personality, but it doesn't bug her much either.
* '''[[Regan Wilde]]''': Flashy and outgoing pretty-boy, the two are definitely destined for either an unbreakable friendship or a showy rivalry. It's too soon to tell.
* '''[[A Scouring of Stars (Arrow)]] 239710.27 - 239711.30''': Maria arrives aboard the USS Arrow after an incredibly long, sleepless shuttle flight made unbearable by a faulty inertial damper she was unable to repair. Out of the loop, and terribly loopy, she makes her first introduction to the captain and crew during a conference between the major powers orbiting Theta 122. She's immediately pressed into service when some of the away team lose communications due to a dampening field on the surface. With the help of Crewman Patrick, Chloe Waters, and Hayley Caden in Shuttlecraft 1, she targeted and destroyed the dampening field with an orbital strike. The success is only temporary, and soon the life of the captain and other senior officers are under threat, trapped in the conference room with the bloodthirsty orion pirate queen, Ghant. Maria discovers that in the crew's haste to return to the conference, she wasn't granted command codes for the ship, and ends up locked out from the computer and unable to assist. She hatches an insane plan to use the security module from the shuttle she arrived on to hijack the Arrow and deploy anesthizine before boarding pirates can take control. With the help of Chief Brom, Eerie, Regan Wilde, and the engineering staff, the crew holds out against an all-out assault on main engineering long enough for her to complete the plan and deploy security screens (and become accidentally registered as Fleet Admiral in the process). Still the anesthizine is inoperative, and she discovers she must engage a manual bypass in the cargo bay. Once there, she is confronted with the escaped Ghant, who nearly roundly defeats Maria after calling her ability and motivation into question. Given a moment's reprieve by the heroic sacrifice of Lt. Wilde and intervention of Lt. Serinus, she pulls herself together and just in time before she's cut off from help yet again. She finally gains the upper hand and kills Ghant, and manages a hasty re-activation of the anesthizine before falling unconscious from her wounds and sleep deprivation.
{{Heading|Important Sims|Gold}}
* [ '''Fabulous First Impressions'''] - Our introduction to a sleep-deprived Maria.
* [ '''Battle for Main Engineering'''] - Maria Defends main engineering and is briefly promoted to Fleet Admiral (whoops!)
* "The Black Dance" ( Maria's sims only: [ '''Part I'''], [ ''' Part II'''], [ ''' Part III'''], [ '''Part IV''']) - Maria sees something of herself in her enemy when she faces off with a bloodthirsty pirate.
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