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Wikitoria Freedman

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Ensign [[Wikitoria Freedman]] is a [[Human]] security/tactical officer stationed aboard the {{USS|Veritas}}.
{{SubHeading|==Stats|goldenrod}}:{|==|width=200|* '''Full Name'''|: Wikitoria Puanani Freedman |-|||-|||-|'''Pronunciation'''|(Wick-ee-TORtor-ee-uh |- style="vertical-align:top;"|'''Nicknames'''|<br> "Lala" by her close cousins, because she always dreamt of the stars. <br> "Nani" by her family. <br> "Sass" by her father. <br> "Lady" by her brother Darius. <br> ''"Wiki"'' or ''") Puanani Freedman"'' by everyone else.  |-|-|* '''Species'''|Human (Terran)|- |Race''': [[T/E RatingHuman]]'''|T0/E0|- |* '''Date of Birth'''|: 237411.04|-* '''Place of Birth''': Omaio Reservation, New Zealand |* '''Age'''|: {{age|2374|11|04}}|- |* '''Place of BirthGender''': Female|Omaio, New Zealand (North Island) |-|* '''HometownTelepathic status''': See [[T/E Rating System|Omaio, New Zealand |- |'''Gender'''|Female|-Telepathic/Empathic Scale]]

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