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Wikitoria Freedman

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|BIRTHPLACE = New Zealand
|IMAGE = WikitoriaFreedman.jpg
* '''Full Name''': Wikitoria (Wick-ee-tor-eeTORI-uh) Puanani Freedman* '''RaceSpecies''': [[Human]](Terran)
* '''Date of Birth''': 237411.04
* '''Place of Birth''': Omaio Reservation, New Zealand
* '''Age''': {{age|2374|11|04}}
* '''Gender''': Female
* '''Telepathic status''': See [[TT0/E Rating System|Telepathic/Empathic Scale]]E0
* '''Length of Hair''':
* '''Eye Color''': Brown
* '''Skin Tone''': Light Brown* '''Birthmarks, Scars''': * '''Build''': * '''Face''': * '''Eyes''': * '''Mouth''': * '''Arms''': * '''Legs''': * '''Carriage''': * '''Poses She has a ta moko (Hands/Gestures, Feet/Legs, Torso/Headtraditional Maori tattoo)''': over her sternum.
* '''Taste in Clothing (when off duty)''':
* '''Shoes''': * '''Voice''': * '''Handedness''': Ambidextrous
* '''Quarters''':
* '''Favorite Room''': * '''Habits''': * '''Mannerisms''': The Holosuite * '''Religion/Spiritual Devotion''': * '''Hobbies She prays every morning, night and Pastimes''': * '''Likes''': * '''Dislikes''': when she eats. She may also pray before a battle, or before travelling.
* '''Ambitions and Goals''':
* '''Achievements in Life''':
* '''Disappointments in Life''':
* '''TempermentTemperement''': Wiki is reserved, idealistic and motivated. But as her interpersonal relationships develop, she tends to become very gregarious.
* '''Mental problems (complexes and phobias)''':
* '''Physical Limitations''': ==Interests==* '''Hobbies and Pastimes''': Mau rākau (Maori martial art), Hand-to-hand combat, Languages, Music, Sports; especially team sports and contact sports. Learning about other species, with particular interest in the arts and sporting activities.  * '''Likes''': Trying new cuisine, playing music, poetry, parties; Sport, sport and more sports.  * '''Dislikes''': Overly familiar people, those who belittle others, gossips.  ==Fun facts==* She is fluent in English, Maori, Vulcan, and Hawaiian. Conversational Farsi, Ferengi, Orion and Klingon. She’s very keen to learn Bajoran and, if ever given the chance, Cardassian.  * Prefers spicy and hearty food  * Loves cocktails because they’re “fun”  *A karaoke fiend  * Her most prized possessions are several greenstone and bone ornaments gifted by her grandmother, and a carved box containing specially curated cultural holo-programs from an uncle.  * Has a paper and pen journal  * Has perfect pitch  
* '''Marital Status''':
** '''Spouse''': If you put "single" above, remove this line.** '''Place of Marriage''': If you put "single" above, remove this line.
* '''Children''':
* '''Parents
** '''Mother''': Merania Freedman
* '''Siblings''': Persis Omaio, Darius Freedman, Taika Omaio. T’Kesh (cousin/ adoptive sister; half-Vulcan).
==Personal History==
Wikitoria was born in 2374 on a reservation in New Zealand. Her parents are professors of Sociology and Law, respectively. Wiki grew up surrounded by a large extended family. Her childhood was rather idyllic if a bit awkward sometimes. The Freedman family had once had a long history in Starfleet that ended after the Dominion War. And they had made enemies of some of their neighbours after refusing to support the Maquis.
Wikitoria paid those people no mind, but sometimes found herself scrapping with the kids of some other local families.  On the other hand (and rather ironically), Wikitoria has a familial association with former Maquis dissidents through her mother. Having been named after a close maternal aunt (one of the few Freedman dissidents) despite said connections, questions have been asked about the family's loyalties. But the Freedman parents, and their children too for the most part, paid no mind to any murmurs. Barring Darius's rather confused and cynical teenage years. Her parents have given no excuse for the name they chose, or for their dichotomy of thought pertaining to dissident family members.  Wiki's family, in particular the elder children, do not associate with Aunty Nani or her children, one of whom is a Starfleet officer. Well, everyone except for Wiki.  While Wiki is introverted, she is curious, loves challenges and meeting new people. She is not scientifically inclined, as her interests lean toward informal immersive and kinesthetic learning.
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