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Maria Alvarez

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* Parents: Raphael and Emilia Alvarez
* Diego Alvarez (Brother, 32)
* Camila Alvarez Ledesma (Sister, 35)* Lieutenant Paulo Ledesma (Brother-in-law, 37)
She attended the prestigious Tisch School for the Arts in New York for a degree in music majoring in dance, where by all accounts she excelled with a combination of exceptionally hard work and natural intellect. Her master's degree marked a significant shift away from her focus on human-based cultures, at least formally, with a specialism in xeno-musicology. Records indicate special proficiency picking up languages and instruments, at least conversationally. After graduation, she joined a dance group specializing in experimental combinations and synthesis of various styles. Despite strong reviews - one critic calling the group 'an explosive tour-de-force of physical dynamism' - the group disbanded after just over a year lacking popular reception and experiencing creative disagreements.
No records exist on why Maria joined Starfleet in a sudden change of career. Admissions advisors were skeptical about admitting her given this in addition to her psychological profile, but were ultimately swayed by a recommendation from her Brother in Law, who serves as a Lieutenant in Starfleet. Given her educational background, she was granted several credits accelerating her timetable for graduation. Her academy record is exceptionally average, remarkable only for a considerable number of derogatory remarks surrounding her behavior and conduct; though none seemingly serious enough to merit real attention. Several instructor remarks cite high potential, but a stubborn unwillingness to apply herself. She largely avoided any cultural or artistic types of classes at the academy, and rejected offers to join extracurriculars that would have made sense with her musical past. She was known to associate with multiple groups of high-performing cadets, developing a handful of loyal friendships and equally many confrontational relationships.
* Theatrics
* Anything bizarre or complex or new
* AvantAll vast array of music* Particularly avant-garde art and music, ; she loves being challenged by somethingaesthetically
* Rank-climbers, and the duty-obsessed
* Being told how to be or act
* Jefferies Tubes

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