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Maria Alvarez

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No records exist on why Maria joined Starfleet in a sudden change of career. Given her educational background, she was granted several credits accelerating her timetable for graduation. Her academy record is exceptionally average, remarkable only for a considerable number of derogatory remarks surrounding her behavior and conduct; though none seemingly serious enough to merit real attention. Several instructor remarks cite high potential, but a stubborn unwillingness to apply herself. She largely avoided any cultural or artistic types of classes at the academy, and rejected offers to join extracurriculars that would have made sense with her musical past. She was known to associate with multiple groups of high-performing cadets, developing a handful of loyal friendships and equally many confrontational relationships.
Characterizations of Maria range a variety of often contradictory adjectives: confident, self-possessed, out-going, individualistic, private, warm, overbearing, humorous, irreverent, bold, unruly, flirtatious, moody, physical, chaotic, intelligent, unambitious, unmotivated, and many others. The way she presents herself to others frequently varies with mood and her estimation of the individual she's interacting with. She's extraordinarily loyal to her friends, building them up and pushing them, but also a cunning enemy, willing to use unconventional and effective approaches. Her application to the academy raised a lot of eyebrows during the psychoanalytic phase, with an unwillingness to discuss in detail her motivations for joining Starfleet almost stopping her acceptance.
She's a remarkably quick learner when focused, but a terrible student given to frequent distraction and bouts of procrastination. Her background in dance demonstrates a particular combination of abilities: teamwork, creativity, intense organization, immaculate planning, and ability to still change direction and improvise with little notice. On the flip side, when unmotivated or disinterested she can be chaotic, scattered, and challenging to work with. She hasn't proven any special ability in engineering or sciences, but seems to have a liking for research, law, requisitions, communications, and history.
Maria's self-assurance and sense of humor lead the show with most of her interactions. She has a distinct distaste for formality, preferring an irreverent and straightforward approach to her work, to the chagrin of senior officers everywhere. There's rarely very little doubt about what Maria is feeling, and she can be highly expressive. She forms opinions of others quickly, but seems to be always open to being surprised by people, for good or ill.
* Laughing, humor
* Theatrics
* Anything bizarre or complex or new
* Avant-garde art and music, she loves being challenged by something
* Children, especially babies
* Rigid people
* Rank-climbers, and the duty-obsessed
* Being told how to be or act
* Disfigurement
* Loss of mental faculty, loss of self
* Becoming bland or unremarkable
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