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A Scouring of Stars (Arrow)

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(Extremely Subject to Change) Caught in a political storm with rapidly growing tensions both within the system as well as outside, the ''Arrow'' Crew must figure out how to keep the peace and uncover the mystery of the Sheliak and Theta 122.
==Mission Reports==
Finally, the discovery of underground and possibly artificial water tunnels was brought up. An investigation team consisting of Commander Traenor, Lieutenant Waters and Ensign's Caden, Sival and Zicv was assembled to determine what they were and why the system existed.
The three teams then broke of to begin their work. The water pump team went their ways to prepare and reconvened at the Transporter Room shortly, to go down to the surface. After some talking, Lieutenant Serinus handed out phasers and they headed down to the surface.
As the other headed down, the team aboard the ship began welcoming the other captain's for the meeting. The first to arrive was Captain Dau, the Caldonian commanding officer.
''It is amusing to note here, that Lieutenants Regan Wilde and R'Ariel were approaching the transporter room from the turbolift and we were engaged in a loud and questionable conversation, something the Captain was not happy about. [ Link]''
After sending Dau with Wilde and R'Ariel as escorts, Shayne then turned to greet the Ferengi DaiMon Blet, who immediately attempted to bribe him. He also revealed that the Ferengi had begun drilling on the surface, a concerning development. Soon after, the pair returned again, this time to escort the DaiMon down.
The next guest to arrive was Eru Ghant, the commanding officer of the ''Razor's Edge''. A privateer, or a pirate as Shayne almost called her, she was quickly pegged as one of the more dangerous visitors. The rest then watched on as Lieutenant Wilde proceeded to acknowledge her dressing sense and the Ghant tried to seduce the security officer.
''There are no words, this was hilarious. [ Link]''
It was at this point that Shayne interrupted the quickly escalating situation and attempted to return an air of professionalism to the conversation.
Meanwhile on the surface ...
==Important SIM's==