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Gorkon NPCs

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The 507 enlisted personnel aboard make up the majority of the ship's crew and are distributed across the ship's departments in various technical specialties and duty posts distinct from officers. For instance, medical and lab technicians are enlisted personnel whereas physicians, nurses, and scientists are commissioned officers (see officer duty posts above). '''All enlisted personnel are eligible for NPC/PNPC play.'''
:''See also: [[Starfleet Rank Index: Enlisted]] for more information about enlisted personnel and enlisted ranks.
*'''Gamma (Night) Shift:''' 2200-0600 hours
Officer duty shift staffing varies according to departmental needs as assigned by the department chiefs. Enlisted personnel rotate through shiftson a 3-6 month basis, dependant on rank, department and speciality.
*All off-duty personnel are on standby during Yellow Alert.

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