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Gorkon NPCs

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'''<font size=5 style="text-transform:uppercase">Crew of the USS ''Gorkon''</font>'''<br>
'''Total: 605 (98 Officers, 507 Enlisted)
The ''Gorkon'' has a total complement of 605: 98 officers and 507 enlisted crew. Civilians are permitted to work on board after passing background and security checks, and primarily work in the science, medical and administrative/support roles (such as service staff).
The 98 officers aboard the ''Gorkon'' represent slightly less than sixth of the ship's total complement. To become an officer, these individuals have either graduated [[Starfleet Academy]] or earned their commission through the Officer Candidate School after having attained their education in their field elsewhere.
Officers assume leadership roles within their departments and are responsible for training and supervising both junior officers and the enlisted personnel under their command.
:''See also: [[Starfleet Rank Index: Officer]] for more information about officers and officer ranks.
The 507 enlisted personnel aboard make up the majority of the ship's crew and are distributed across the ship's departments in various technical specialties and duty posts distinct from officers. For instance, medical and lab technicians are enlisted personnel whereas physicians, nurses, and scientists are commissioned officers (see officer duty posts above). '''All enlisted personnel are eligible for NPC/PNPC play.'''
:''See also: [[Starfleet Rank Index: Enlisted]] for more information about enlisted personnel and enlisted ranks.
==Non-Starfleet personnel, Civilians, and Guests==
The ''Gorkon'' offers VIP guest accommodations and long-term civilian quarters.
Non-Starfleet personnel such as those from other Federation agencies ([[Federation Security]], Federation Diplomatic Corps, etc.) are occasionally attached to the ship on special assignments.
:''Interested in simming for a civilian or non-Starfleet character? Contact the command staff to discuss your idea for a character!''
==Shift Rotation==
*'''Alpha (Day) Shift:''' 0600-1400 hours
*'''Beta (Swing) Shift:''' 1400-2200 hours
*'''Gamma (Night) Shift:''' 2200-0600 hours
Officer duty shift staffing varies according to departmental needs as assigned by the department chiefs. Enlisted personnel rotate through shifts
*All off-duty personnel are on standby during Yellow Alert.
*All off-duty personnel report to their stations during Red Alert.
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