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Preferred style: Updating for Memory Omega
===Preferred style===
There are multiple ways you can cite sources. After adding information, immediately include your source after your fullstopfull stop.
*'''For sims:''' <nowiki><ref>[link "title of sim"], Rank Character name (eg. "Lieutenant Commander Sky Blake" = "LtCmdr S.Blake"), Ship the sim was posted to (eg. Veritas = {{USS|Veritas}}), Stardate</ref></nowiki>
** ''Until our Sim Archive is available for official use, please link to your Google Group!''
*'''For news articles:''' <nowiki><ref>[link "title of page"], Author name, Organisation if applicable, date</ref></nowiki>
*'''For Memory Alpha/Memory Beta:''' <nowiki><ref>[link "title of article"], Memory Alpha</ref></nowiki>**Also include '''<nowiki>{{MAContent}}</nowiki>''' to , which will correctly categorise pages using data sourced from Memory Alpha.*'''For [ Memory Beta] and [ Memory Omega]:''' <nowiki><ref>[link "title of article"], Memory Beta / Omega</ref></nowiki>**'''NOTE:''' Memory Gamma and Memory Delta are ''fan-created content''. As such, they are not suitable sources for Star Trek information.
==Examples of referencing==

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