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Lukin Zorkal

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Corrected Rank, added a little to history after Dominion War
|'''Occupation''' || TBD
|'''Rank''' || GulGlinn
|'''Height''' || 1.83 m (6')
After the war, Lukin continued to serve faithfully, even as a Security Officer on Deep Space 10 as a part of a joint venture with Starfleet. Through the years, he has carefully navigating between the two groups, careful to show his dedication to his people, but unwilling to let go of the idea that Starfleet is good for Cardassia. It was there he met {{n|Lidia|Ivanova}}. Immediately taking a liking to her, Lukin might have pursued more than a mere working relationship, but nothing ever came of it, and he was eventually called back to Cardassia Prime.
Back in Cardassia, Lukin continued to serve his people in a variety of assignments, including some intelligence. Most recently, he has been awarded some time to spend for leisure and has elected to visit one of Starfleet's most well known starbases - Starbase 118.

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