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==User Profile==
*'''Name''': Nathan
*'''Favorite Trek movies''': The Voyage Home, Generations, First Contact, Insurrection
==Primary Character==
==Previous Primary Characters==
* '''[[Joran Tavex|Lieutenant JG Joran Tavex]]''' [[USS Wallace]] (2381-2382)
* '''[[Asal Cox|Lieutenant JG Asal Cox]]''' [[USS Independence]] and [[USS Ronin]] (2383-2384)
* '''[[Sasak|Lieutenant JG Sasak]]''' [[USS Tiger]], [[Starbase 118]], [[USS Independence-A]]; [[USS Gorkon]]; [[USS Eagle]] (2386-2387; 2395; 2396)
==Previous PNPCs==
* '''[[Candar]]''' ([[USS Tiger]] and [[Starbase 118]])
* '''[[Umarev Isidha]]''' ([[USS Independence-A]])
* '''[[Zanti, Zharaina|Zharaina Zanti]]''' ([[Deep Space 17]])
==OOC Work==
* '''Article on the Trill''':
* '''Interview with Kare'en m'Hapron m'Adrina''':
* '''Lower Decks Interview by Rhys Bejain''':
* '''UFOP Twitter (Publicity Team)''':
* '''Member Testimonial''':
==Former Guild/Team Membership==*Publicity Team*Guild of Vulcans*Founding Member of the "Guild of Trills" =OOC Awards==
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{{Citation|Barclay Bead|238212.26
[[Wallace Crew Awards]]||Retired Award. Given to those officers who have improved their methods of simming since their acceptance into StarFleet.}}

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