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USS Resolution

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{{Motto - Active|Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.|Carl Sagan|ICON=Nova-icon1.gif|link=}}
The '''USS ''Resolution''''' (NCC-78145) is a {{c|Nova}} vessel under the command of Fleet Captain [[Kali Nicholotti]]. Formerly assigned to the [[Duronis II Embassy]] as a field and support ship, with a part-time mission of surveying nearby spatial anomalies, the ''Resolution'' now serves as an independent vessel assigned to [[the Borderlands]] region along Klingon territory.
While When the ''Resolution '' was connected attached to the Duronis II Embassy, she, unlike the Runaboutsrunabouts, Tactical Wing or Hoppers, and hoppers, was not based on Duronis II, but instead is on spatial assignment and , rarely more than one day's travel from the [[Duronis Spatial Geography|Duronis Systemsystem]]. Under Captain [[Rocar]]'s command, the ship rarely saw a mission other than those directed by the Federation Science Council to map spatial anomalies in the area.
On 238605.26 , the ''Resolution NCC-78145 '' was assigned to under Commander [[Turner, Toni|Commander Toni Turner]]'s command. Having served at the Duronis II Embassy after graduation from Starfleet Academy, she Turner long envisioned serving there again as its Commanding Officer, commanding officer and has met the challenge of getting the assignment on the ''Resolution''. Captain Turner eventually transferred back to the Embassy and replaced the ''Resolution '' with the {{USS |Thunder}}. The ''Resolution '' was returned to Starbase [[StarBase 118 ]] as part of [[The Trinity-Serellan Defense Fleet]].
In 2397, the ''Resolution'' was assigned to [[the Borderlands]] under the command of Fleet Captain [[Kali Nicholotti]] on a new mission of exploration and patrol, bring stability back to the region with their presence. Returning to the golden age of exploration, the versatile Nova class vessel will focus on exploring the Borderlands, which despite being fairly close to [[StarBase 118]] and other well-charted areas of the galaxy, has yet to be fully explored. Like any uncharted region not directly controlled by a distinct power, the Borderlands is home to new races, alliances, and familiar faces. Scientific enigmas dot the area, from the Briar Patch all the way to the Azure Nebula.

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