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USS Gorkon

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==Current Mission==
|NAME= Serpent Heart, Flowering FaceDoo Doo Doo Dooooo Dooooo
|NUMBER=Episode 1516|STARDATE=239702239707.28 12 - 239705.28Present|IMAGE=Vaeron From SpaceMicroBiology-DNAStrands.jpgjpeg|BLURB=With tensions reaching The USS Gorkon is dispatched to put the Federation's mind at ease and ensure that a breaking point new park built on the shared Romulan Republic and Federation colonya terraformed asteroid is being run to their exacting standards of safety, the crew of the USS Gorkon are asked to investigate missing miners bioethics and violent wildlifeworker rights...<br><br>The crew are now enjoying shore leave on Vaeronbut not everything is quite as it seems.

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