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Avronis V

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{{planet|name=AvronisV|image= AvronisV_1.jpg|region= Romulan Star Empire|sector= Venturius sector|system= Avronis System|suns= AB67, yellow star|moons= One, with moon base |class= Class L|diameter= 4212 miles / 6779 km|atmosphere= Low oxygen, partially breathable|hydrosphere= No bodies of water|gravity= 1.2 times Earth standard|climate= Arid, windy, extreme temperatures|terrain= No vegetation. Various rock formations.|interest= D'ramis Gorge, southern hemisphere|lengthday= 14 hours|lengthyear= 187 days|species= none native|otherspecies= [[Romulan]]|language= none|population= none known|techclass= ruins indicate: [[Planetary Development Scale|J]] or higher|cities= none left, evidence of extensive ruins|imports= none|exports= none|affiliation= [[Romulan Star Empire]]|government= none}}
===Planetary Location===

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