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*'''''[[The Lost Colony (USS Thor)| The Lost Colony]] - Stardate 239704.19 - 239706.06'''''
The USS Thor answered to a distress call from a lost colony world in the [Menthar Corridor] known as Vel Maijan, thought to have disappeared from existence in 2159. Alieth was assigned to a team led by Lieutenant Commander [[Krindo Pandorn]], Lieutenant [[Lorian Lovar]], Ambassador [[ Toni Turner]] and Doctor Alieth herself. Tto gather as much information as possible about the settlement's history. Once it is put in common with the rest of the crew, they decided to explore the surface of the planet and the caves under its surface in search of the colonists' descendants... and of what happened to the planet during all this time.
Alieth is summoned to the bridge to help monitor the away teams, but an increased concentration of chronitrons and rising tectonic and ionic activity forced the recovery of one of the teams, led by Dr. Mackenzie. However, the second party, led by the XO Geoffrey Teller, vanished from the starship's sensors and is left stranded on the planet.
Later, they discovered that the descendants of the Vel Maijan settlers are alive but dealing with attacks from strange native creatures, alien substances in the tunnels and a significant lack of resources. Due to the high possibility that the solar system could leap forward in time once again, Captain Aron Kells ordered the deployment of an emergency team collect the away team and the colonists, which included Alieth. While Ben Garcia, Major Parker and herself navigated through the ion storm to reach the surface, one of the native aliens, known as Azcou, beamed up to the ship, creating havoc.
The team was rescued and, after a heated argument with Greaves, Alieth managed to remain on the surface and help rescue the rest of the settlers.
After the extraction of the humans, as well as one of the native alien's colonies that requested the Thor's help in view of the imminent destruction or disappearance of their homeworld, the Thor must depart from the system, narrowly escaping the strange anomaly that makes Vel Maijan disappear again...
*'''''[[Hammerfall (USS Thor)| Hammerfall]] - Stardate 239707.03 - Current'''''
* [ Concussion and Gummy Bears] - (239702.17) The best way to start an eventful first day is deal with a troublemaker and some gummy bears.
* [ The Founding of the JOPA] - The first rule of JOPA is: you do not talk about JOPA. The second rule of JOPA is: you DO NOT talk about what happens in the JOPA (239702.20)
* [] 'Calls' - Alieth conducted a long-dreaded call to an elderly acquaintance, during it, chaos arrived
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