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Reconciliation Forums of Betazed

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A Reconciliation Forum has the following roles:
* '''Adjudicator''': The presiding official of a Reconciliation Forum session. They must be referred to as "Mother" or "Father". Adjudicators are forbidden to have any association with any of the Houses of Betazed. Nobles and House employees are disqualified from being an Adjudicator, Keeper, of Reflector. Their attire is a sliver-grey robe.
* '''Reflector''': A strong empath, but must not have any telepathic abilities. The role of the reflector is to gauge any emotional inconsistencies from any member of a party participating in a forum, and report those to the Adjudicator. They are usually naturally talented and strong empaths, although in Forums of a shorter length are not usually called upon.
* '''Keeper''': Adjudicator's administrative officer.

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