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Reconciliation Forums of Betazed

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The presiding official of a Forum is known as an '''Adjudicator'''. Adjudicators used to have to be female, but that changed in the late 2200s, due to pressure from the Federation.
There are three levels of the Reconciliation Forum system: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Any disputes involving a House of Betazed must be heard by a sitting of the Primary Reconcilation Forum.
==Reconcilation and Compromise==
A Reconciliation Forum has the following roles:
* '''Adjudicator''': the presiding official of a Reconciliation Forum session. Must be referred to as "Mother" or "Father". An Adjudicators ancestry can not be noble, nor can they have any known affiliation to Betazoid House nobles.* '''Reflector''': A strong empath, but must not have any telepathic abilities. They The role of the reflector was to gauge emotion any emotional inconsistencies from any member of a party participating in a forum, and report inconsistencies of children testimony those to the Adjudicator. They were usually naturally talented and strong empaths, although in shorter cases are not usually called upon.
* '''Keeper''': Adjudicator's administrative officer.
* '''Party''': A represented legal entity (i.e. person or organisation) at a Forum, who are part of the dispute to be settled
* '''Children''': The title used by the Adjudicator to address members of all of the participating parties
*'''Advocate''': A person or organisation that can act on behalf of a Party
==Procedures and Rules==
To initiate a Reconcilation Forum, a Party must lodge a petition, and name the disputed party or parties. An assigned Adjudicator will assess the petition, and then if deems appropriate, schedule a Reconciliation Forum with the parties. All parties then submit a brief to the Adjudicator prior to the Forum.
===Reason for Lodgement===
At the beginning of a Forum, the petitioner summarises their reason for lodging a petition.
All official communication is to be verbal. Anything not spoken aloud is dismissed. Debate is encouraged, but the goal is resolution, not discord. Truth is an absolute. Anyone being false will be severely penalized.
===Betazoid House Nobles or Employees===
Any noble or employee of a House must disclose their title and/or role to the Adjudicator at the beginning of proceedings.
Children that are called upon to speak by the Adjudicator are expected to stand, except in cases of ill health. Children are also expected to bow their head to the Adjudicator when issued with an instruction, or to answer in the affirmative to an Adjudicator's question.
The Keeper announces when an Adjudicator is entering a forum:
: ''"[Mother/Father] is entering. Respect from all."''
All persons present at a Forum, including members of the spectating gallery, must stand when the Keeper announces the arrival and departure of the Adjudicator.
Once the Adjudicator enters the room, the Adjudicator announces the beginning of the Forum, with words similar to the following:
: ''"Greetings, Children. I am [Mother/Father] [Adjudicator Name]. We are here by the request of [Party name], to hear their petition. And to bring harmony."''
A Representative may request to interject during proceedings, to protest the testimony of another Representative, member of a another Party ("Child"), or the decision of an Adjudicator. The Adjudicator rules on the interjection, and their decision is final. Continued protesting is generally not tolerated by The Adjudicator, and may be punished to the Adjudicator's satisfaction within legal bounds.

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