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====[[Wes Greaves]]====
[[File:WesGreaves.png|55px|thumb|left]] Marine, [[USS Thor]]
Alieth and Mr. Greaves shared their final exam at the Academy and both were posted to their first assignment together. In spite of their very different personalities and a more than remarkable stubbornness from both sides, they developed a quick friendship that led them to the most unusual situations, such as participating in a SAG race that was broadcast worldwide in Ferenginar.
====[[Geoffrey Teller]]====
[[File:EmbassyXO-Teller.jpg|55px|thumb|left]] XO, [[USS Thor]]
Teller became Alieth's worst nightmare when he decided to put the safety of other crew members above his own health, which led him to inaugurate Alieth's naughty list.
The tables turned when Alieth was 'conveniently' late and left behind to accompany the XO to rescue 192 colonists in Vel Maijan, which resulted in tedious punishment along with compulsory learning of sea shanties.
Although on the surface they could not have started the relationship on a worse footing and with more divergent opinions, Alieth has a deep respect for the First Officer, and regards him as a reference as a Fleet Officer.
====[[Addison MacKenzie]]====
[[File:Addison MacKenzie.jpg|55px|thumb|left]] CMO, [[USS Thor]]
Alieth found in Mackenzie an fearsome and formidable superior who shared her dedication to her patients. Even in spite of them (and their opinions). They maintain a tense relationship due to the fact that both possess very strong personalities, but are imbued with a deep respect for each other. Her mentor in punishment for those who dare to fall on Alieth's naughty list
[[File:Sirok.jpg|55px|thumb|left]] Engineer, [[USS Thor]]
Her fellow Academy classmate is one of her few peaceful refuges among the turbulent emotional beings that constitute Thor's crew. He' s the only crew member that she considers reliable at all times by virtue of his unwavering adherence to logic and his irreproachable lineage. However, the engineer's oddities also pepper the doctor's curiosity.
====JOPA Members:====

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