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'''Lieutenant Junior Grade Alieth''' is a [[vulcan]] female currently serving as a '''medical officer''' aboard the {{ USS|Thor }}.
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<!--br><h3><div style="overflow: hidden;">{{LCARS-bar-left||Relationships|COLOR=Teal}}</div></h3>Whom does your character get on with or not get on with? For now, pick one member of your current crew and enter their name below, then describe the nature of your character's relationship with them.
* ====[[(Name of character)Wes Greaves]]====(Description Here)Marine, [[USS Thor]]--<br>Alieth and Mr. Greaves shared their final exam at the Academy and both were posted to their first assignment together. In spite of their very different personalities and a more than remarkable stubbornness from both sides, they developed a quick friendship that led them to the most unusual situations, such as participating in a SAG race that was broadcast worldwide in Ferenginar.
====[[Geoffrey Teller]]====
XO, [[USS Thor]]
Teller became Alieth's worst nightmare when he decided to put the safety of other crew members above his own health, which led him to inaugurate Alieth's naughty list.
The tables turned when Alieth was 'conveniently' late and left behind to accompany the XO to rescue 192 colonists in Vel Maijan, which resulted in tedious punishment along with compulsory learning of sea shanties.
Although on the surface they could not have started the relationship on a worse footing and with more divergent opinions, Alieth has a deep respect for the First Officer, and regards him as a reference as a Fleet Officer.
<h3>{{LCARS-bar-left|Personal History|COLOR=Teal}}===[[Addison MacKenzie]]====CMO, [[USS Thor]]</h3br>Alieth found in Mackenzie an fearsome and formidable superior who shared her dedication to her patients. Even in spite of them (and their opinions). They maintain a tense relationship due to the fact that both possess very strong personalities, but are imbued with a deep respect for each other. Her mentor in punishment for those who dare to fall on Alieth's naughty list
Engineer, [[USS Thor]]
Her fellow Academy classmate is one of her few peaceful refuges among the turbulent emotional beings that constitute Thor's crew. He' s the only crew member that she considers reliable at all times by virtue of his unwavering adherence to logic and his irreproachable lineage. However, the engineer's oddities also pepper the doctor's curiosity.
====JOPA Members:==== Founder: [[Wes Greaves]]<h4br>Members:<br>[[Sirok]]<br>[[Tara Wilkins]]<br>[[Dar Elandra]] ====Academy Classmates:==== [[Wes Greaves]]<br>[[Sirok]]<br>[[Sara Bjørge]]<br>[[Mikeja Lan]]<br>Alieth had barely held a few brief exchanges during her time at the Academy with the rest of her classmates with whom she shared the final evaluation. At the end of the examination she was somewhat more acquainted with most of them, but her relationship was sparse and professional. She was assigned to the Duroniss II Embassy with the Liutenant 2nd Grade Greaves and the Ensign Sirok, with whom she became more familiar during the freighter ride to the Embassy.   <br><h3><div style="overflow: hidden;">{{LCARS-bar-left|Personal History|COLOR=Teal}}</div>Background</h4h3====Background====
Alieth was born and raised in Chi-ree, in Xial. She was educated in the traditional way of Surak's followers, in a province with scarce offworld visitors. It was always expected that she would follow the footsteps of her parents and older sister and eventually join the army of public employees that keep the Vulcan government functioning. However, Alieth's interests always diverged widely, and from an early age she displayed an affinity towards science and and and taking care of others. During her infancy she frequently brought home small injured animals in order to heal them, under the premise that 'all life should be preserved'.
<h4>====Federation Embassy of Til'ahn</h4>====
Alieth's first assignment, along with her fellow Academy graduates [[Sirok]] and [[Wes Greaves]], was at the Embassy of the [[Laudean]]s home planet in the [[Typhon Expanse]]. However, as a result of the events, her time in the Embassy was relatively short.
<h4>====U.S.S. Thor</h4>====
Alieth was transferred to the [[USS Thor]] with the rest of the Embassy officers once the Planet began the process of becoming a full member of Federation. From that moment on, she served under the command of Fleet Captain [[Aron Kells]] whom she had met in a somewhat peculiar way when both were lost in the massive gardens of the diplomatic complex. Alieth never talks about her degree of responsibility in this event.
*'''''[[The Lost Colony (USS Thor)| The Lost Colony]] - Stardate 239704.19 - Present239706.06''''' SoonTBA
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File:Alieth Thor ID.png|frameless|Alieth Thor Id
File:Alieth-v21wiki.jpg|frameless|Ensign Alieth on duty
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* [] Lower decks interview
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