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* '''Climate''': Temperate to Jungle
Leron III is the their homeworld, but due to overpopulation resources are rare and living conditions are difficult.
Mid 2394 during the Constitution mission [[Peacemakers_(Constitution)|Peacemakers]] , peace talks where were held between the Linaran and Hinji heads of government. During these peace this peacem, the heads of states came to the agreement to share Leron II between the Hinji and Linaran to counter overpopulation and lack of resources on their home planets. Portions of the inhabitants have begun to settle overLeron II. To deal with the different requirements the Hinji live above ground, the Linarans below ground.
Hinji are a shape shifting species that can change at will between a humanoid form and the form of a specific animal native to their home planet. Each Hinji has only one animal form, and many different forms have been identified with the most common being canine, feline, vulpine and ursine. Their humanoid forms average between 1.5 and 2 meters in height and can display a wide range of skin, eye and hair coloration. The humanoid forms of many Hinji share some aspect with their animal forms, such as body hair, large eyes or elongated canine teeth.<br><br>   
The animal form Hinji can take is not chosen by them, but passed on genetically. The children of two uroc (Foxes) for example would always be uroc themselves.
Hinji have just recently joined the Federation. While a majority of Hinji are in support of joining, certain underground groups are opposed and are convinced that it will lead to the loss of their individual identity.
In [[Starbase 104]] inhabits members ,they have a population of said groups that Hinji who will sometimes rally together for demonstrations, riots, and rallies against the Federation. In parts of the Hinji bazaar, preachers have been witnessed to hold sermons against the Federation and Security had to step in several times. Despite these incidents, these voices are the minority.

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