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'''Commodore''' is an exclusive rank and title captains and fleet captains can earn in UFOP: StarBase 118 once they have served as commanding officer of a vessel for five years (whether continuously during one tenure or cumulatively over multiple commands). Having completed their own "five-year mission" aboard their ships, these COs are recognized by our community as among our finest leaders in the fleet.
:''This rank is only permitted for use by a player character or display in a service record if the member has been formally awarded it by the [[Executive Council]]. If a member previously was promoted directly to Rear Admiral or higher without having previously earned the rank and title of Commodore, they are only eligible to use the title and display the rank in their service history once only after they have been formally awarded this rank by the Executive Council upon meeting the minimum 5-year service requirement as a CO.''
:''Members who previously held the rank of Commodore before the introduction in 2020 of the formal rules in [[UFOP Constitution/Bylaws/2|Bylaw 2]] governing this rank and title are not listed below.''

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