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Thor Marine Detachment

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The USS Thor has a detachment of Starfleet Marines permanently assigned to the crew complement of the ship.
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On order, the Marine Detachment, U.S.S. Thor will . . .
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[[Image:USSThorMarineDetOrganization.jpg|1000px|Marine Detachment, U.S.S. Thor]]
The [[USS Thor]] has an assigned detachment of 61 Starfleet Marines. The actual strength on hand varies from time to time due to leave, injuries, and vacancies. The detachment consists of two platoons overseen by a headquarters element.
<br> First platoon consists of two infantry squads. Each squad consists of three team of four Marines led by a Marine Sergeant.
<br> Second platoon consists of the detachment's specialists and contains a squad of combat engineers, six combat medics, and a squad of heavy weapon specialists.
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