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USS Wall Street

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The USS Wall Street is a [[Oracle class]] starship launched in 2390. It is currently under the command of Captain Sh'Torn , an Andorian. It is named after the famous [[Earth]] street in which a lot one of the old nation states wealth was exchanged in. The Wall Street isn't currently stationed in one particular place due to it's current ongoing mission.
It is a large science vessel holding 500 officers, most of which are science officers.
The Wall Street also serves a second purpose of transporting diplomats to and from federation planets on which they serve. it does this while still performing its primary mission of science.
==Current Mission==
* <b> Primary </b> - The Wall Streets primary mission is the geoscientific investigation of uncolonised star systems.
* <b> Secondary </b> - Transport the Denobulan Diplomat for Earth & Vulcan back to Vulcan from the New Horizons Conference
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