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extended the tutorial for the rest of the reference functionality.
To cite something, you add '''<nowiki><ref></nowiki>''' and '''<nowiki></ref></nowiki>''' tags around the source, and it then places a footnote in the article once you add the '''<nowiki>{{References}}</nowiki>''' template at the bottom of the page. You would write your source like any other external link on the wiki, so first the URL and then the name of the link, all in single brackets.
If you want multiple types of references, you can add in '''<nowiki><ref group="groupname"></nowiki>''' to separate references, which might be useful if you want to add notes that are not references in the same page as actual references.
Importantly, if you want to cite a reference multiple times, you can give it a name - '''<nowiki><ref name="Miller"></nowiki>''', and each time you want to use that reference, just add that to the tag., but make sure to not use a full ref tag, just use '''<nowiki><ref name="Miller" /></nowiki>'''.
===Preferred citations===

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