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<noinclude>{{Wiki Ops}}Now that references and citations can be added to your wiki pages, we've adopted a standard format to cite sims, FNS news articles, and so forth.
To cite something, you add '''<nowiki><ref></nowiki>''' and '''<nowiki></ref></nowiki>''' tags around the source, and it then places a footnote in the article once you add the '''<nowiki>{{References}}</nowiki>''' template at the bottom of the page. You would write your source like any other external link on the wiki, so first the URL and then the name of the link, all in single brackets.
===Preferred citations===
There are multiple ways you can cite sources. After adding information, immediately include your source after your fullstop.
*'''For sims:''' <nowiki><ref>[link "title of sim"], Rank Character name (eg. "Lieutenant Commander Sky Blake" = "LtCmdr S.Blake"), Ship the sim was posted to (eg. Veritas = {{USS|Veritas}}), Stardate</ref></nowiki>
*'''For news articles:''' <nowiki><ref>[link "title of page"], Author name, Organisation if applicable, date</ref></nowiki>
*'''For Memory Alpha/Memory Beta:''' <nowiki><ref>[link "title of article"], Memory Alpha</ref></nowiki>
**Also include '''<nowiki>{{MAContent}}</nowiki>''' to correctly categorise pages using data from Memory Alpha.
==Examples of referencing==
*[[Ukaramesh Blanufic]]
*[[Kinan Venroe]]
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