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Noa T'Nessa Levinson

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|NAME = Noa T'Nessa Levinson
|SHIP = {{USS|EagleJuneau}}
|RANK = Ensign
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'''Ensign Noa T'Nessa Levinson''' is currently serving as a '''Science Officer''' aboard the {{USS|EagleJuneau}}.
* '''Eyes''': Brown
* '''Build''': Slim
**Noa studied holoprogramming, and tends to create programs that vary from various recreations to programs featuring various randomized elements.
{{Heading|ID CardMission History|Blue}} ==={{USS|Eagle}}=======[[Bear No Evil (USS Eagle)|Bear No Evil]]====Noa has arrived at the {{No USS|Eagle}} just before the mission began, yet was mostly unaware of the happenings until the very end - at which point she arrived at the Bridge, just during the final steps in capturing Francis Sikes. She was able to trace his shuttle's trajectory, leading to the final pursuit.====[[If This Goes On... (USS Eagle)|If This Goes On...]]====During the mission to the Ringworld, Ensign Levinson, along with [[Randal Shayne|Commander Shayne]], [[Ash MacKenna|Commander MacKenna]], [[Karen Strong|Doctor Strong]] and [[Artinus Serinus|Lieutenant Serinus]], beamed down to the local village, disguised as natives. They split to two groups, with Levinson and MacKenna headed to a crashed warp nacelle from an Oberth-class starship, which turned out to be a temple for the natives, with only "Medicine men", such as the village medic, Scale-9, or Doctor Strong, allowed entery.
[[File:After a return trip to the village, the away team regrouped over lunch, before they were taken to the village's archive - where they discovered tales about a crashed Oberth-class starship - the nacelle of which formed the temple. Convincing the locals to return to the nacelle, the team returned there. The medicine men entered the temple alone at first, with Strong keeping the team advised with Morse code. However, when the situation became more urgent, Levinson, MacKenna and Serinus rushed into the temple themselves. Regrouping with their Doctor and the local medicine man, they interfaced with the controls at the nick of time, repairing the Ringworld's malfunction. After staying for a few hours to help with the village's recovery, as well as studying the village, the away team beamed aboard.{{Heading|Gallery|Blue}}<gallery>Noa_Levinson_ID_Card.png]]|Noa's Starfleet ID card on the Eagle</gallery>
{{Heading|Service History|Blue}}
{{ServiceHistoryRow|Cadet First Class|Blue|DS9|239701.06|Graduated Starfleet Academy|Science}}
{{ServiceHistoryRow|Ensign|Blue|DS9|239701.06 - 239704|{{USS|Eagle}}|Science Officer}}{{ServiceHistoryRow|Ensign|Blue|DS9|239704 - Present|{{USS|EagleJuneau}}|Science Officer}}

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