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Template:Embassy of Duronis II

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|SHIP NAME=Embassy of Duronis II
|TEMPLATE NAME=Template:Embassy of Duronis II
{{ThorLinks}}----*[[Duronis II|Duronis II (Til'ahn)]]**[[Laudean]]s----*[[Embassy Staff Roster|Crew Roster]]*[[Embassy Crew Awards|Crew Awards]]*[[Embassy Crew History|Crew History]]*[[Embassy Mission Archive|Mission Archive]]*[[Embassy of Duronis II NPCs|Personal NPCs]]*[[Embassy of Duronis II/Grounds|The Embassy Complex]]*[[Craft assigned to Embassy|Embassy Support Craft]]----'''[[USS Bronwyn]]'''* [[Bronwyn Staff Roster|Current Roster]]* [[Bronwyn Crew History|Crew History]]* [[USS Bronwyn Statistics|Ship Statistics]] * [[USS Bronwyn Deck Layout|Deck Layout]]----'''OOC Resources'''*[[Embassy Current Mission|Current Mission]]* [[Embassy SOP|Standard Operating Procedures]]* [[Jorey's 8 Step Sim|8 Steps to a Great Sim]]}}<noinclude>To change the links, edit * [[Template:ThorLinksEmbassy Mission Submittal Form]] (the updates will show up on both the * [[Embassy nav and Thor nav)In The News]]----* [!forum/sb118-embassy Embassy GoogleGroup] }}<noinclude>[[Category:Embassy of Duronis II]]</noinclude>

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