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USS Martin Luther King Jr.

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{| class="toc" style="margin: 0 0 1em 1em;" align="right"{NC}}{{NPC_ship}}{{Embassy of Duronis II}} ! style="background:#ddcef2" align="center" | [[The '''USS Martin Luther King Jr]]<br>[[Danube Class]]|.''' (NCC-| style="font-size: 90%" |<center>71383) is a [[Imagema:Danube-shot.jpgclass|175px|MLKDanube class]]</center>----*runabout assigned to the Federation [[Duronis II Embassy|Embassy of DuronisII]]----* NCC-71383* Status: Operational* ----|}.
''History and data on this runabout should go here.''
[[Category:Danube class vessels|M]]
[[Category:Embassy of Duronis II]]
[[Category:NPC Ships|E]]

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