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Clik Zae'Li

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|SPECIES = [[Aurelian]]
|GENDER = Neutrois (they/them)
|BIRTHYEAR = 2372 <!-- I'll leave the basic birth date as default for age template so you can fix when you get a chance, Cecil. -->
|BIRTHPLACE = Seattle, WashingtonAurelia
|IMAGE = Roster-blank.jpg
*Misc.: they have no spouse, and no children.
{{heading|FriendsBrief History|teal}}They didn't Clik had always consider Starfleet. In fact, been as curious as a good portion number of their life people were, but they planned on staying on Aurelianever initially considered going off world to sate any of it. They were close to their flock, and it was something they were comfortable sticking with their flock. Carrying on Even having the potential for growing up to be the traditions matron of their family and flock. Learning at some point in the many things future if they could from home. They were happy to do as much. At least they were until they visited became old enough in the station that orbited Aurelia. While they were briefly apprehensive of the people there, they quickly learned that they didn't have to feel that wayfar future.
They could learn a lot staying where they were. They didn’t need much else. That is, until they visited the station that orbited Aurelia. It only took once or twice for it to click. While they were briefly a touch apprehensive of the people, they soon realized they hardly had reason to be. And even quicker learned also came to the conclusion that staying put forever wasn't something wasn’t an option they wanted anymoreto stick with. They wanted to see more, they wanted to know more. It took very little time for their family to accept Their flock was supportive, and support this endeavor. Just happy if Clik was happy with it. Once they were once ready, they applied to Starfleet, and much to their thrill, were happily accepted. The rest, as they say, is history.
{{heading|Service History|teal}}

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